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20 Minute Hotel Room Workout

20 Minute Hotel Room Workout for the Busy Traveller

Frequent travelling and staying in hotels may possibly lead to unwanted weight gain. That is because a traveller seldom gets a good workout when travelling. The hotel may not offer access to a gym for its visitors. It does not help that sumptuous meals and refreshing beverages are constantly offered.

You don’t need to worry! If you are really determined to sweat out those extra calories you took in, you can easily perform simple exercise routines that you can even do inside your room. Hotel rooms may not be spacious enough but you can still be creative and resourceful to work up a sweat and at the same time burn off the added calories.

Even if you travel frequently and stay longer in hotels, you can still maintain your fitness. Getting in shape can be possible if you can allocate only about 20 minutes each day for working out. Here is a simple hotel room workout for busy travellers like you.

Warming up

A warm up is necessary because it raises the heart rate up. Muscles will loosen up by doing so. Your training instructor may have already warned you not to immediately proceed to your workout routines because you may possibly incur muscle injury. Here is a simple warm up activity to prepare your muscles for the quick hotel room workout.

  • Do jumping jacks for a minute. Do several sets, each taking at least 30 seconds of rest in between.

  • To make this simple activity more challenging, put pillows under your bare feet.

  • For a more difficult burn, do jumping jacks just for 10 seconds and double pace in another 10 seconds then go to slower regular pace. Perform this for about 60 seconds.

Whole-body workout

When travelling and within your hotel room, you may not have enough time to work out your entire body. This routine may take about 5 minutes to 10 minutes to perform. It is very simple. Just do several sets of pushups. You may be surprised how that exercise can utilize numerous muscles in your body.

  • Do three sets of pushups with 10 repetitions. Take 30 seconds just between a set of eight. After a minute, do a final set consisting of six repetitions. Modify the intensity if you need more challenge.

  • Try doing more repetitions (15, 12, 8). You may do additional based on your strength.

  • If you want a real workout, try to do up to 300 pushups within the time frame.

Squats and cardio

Do not forget to exercise your lower body. Squats can be effective in balancing and building resistance for the entire body. Just about several minutes of the activity can do wonders. By increasing frequency and speed, the task can also be an effective cardiovascular routine.

  • Do single leg lunges. You may opt for 12, 10, and 8 repetitions each set.

  • Increase workload by performing the sets for 30 seconds straight.

  • If you are watching TV while working out, do squats only in between commercial breaks.

Do not forget to tone down and relax after completing the 20-minute workout. Stretching is very important as it can help relax and bring back normal blood flow to your muscles. Just as the warm up is important, final stretching is also necessary.