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Cheap Flights with Air France to Paris, Europe, and Africa

Save on Airline Tickets with Air France

If you are planning on taking a vacation but are worried that you do not have enough money to pay for it, you may be able to find cheap flights with Air France. This airline frequently has special offers and may be able to help you afford the vacation you have been dreaming of.

Air France is one of the biggest airlines in the world. It currently services a large number of international airports in the six major continents and a number of domestic airports all over France. The company was founded almost a century ago and is still a highly successful and popular airline amongst travellers from all over the world, partially due to its competitive prices and wide range of destinations.

This airline was officially formed from a merger between several European airlines, including SGTA, which was the very first French commercial airline. More recently, the company merged with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and as a result, Air France is now officially known as Air France-KLM Group. This merger also led to the privatization of the company, since it significantly reduced the French state's shareholding in the airline. The merger also made this airline the largest revenue maker in the world.

One of the airline's most notable accomplishments was to run a successful concorde service for several years. In fact, it was one of only two airlines offering passengers an opportunity to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in a fraction of the amount of time a regular flight takes. Some of the airplanes that were used for this service were flown at speeds that were faster than the speed of sound, which is much faster than modern commercial planes.

Like other airlines, Air France offers a full range of cabin classes onboard their flights. For example, they have economy (Voyageur), premium economy (Alize and Premium Voyageur), business class (Affaires), and first class (La Premiere). The type of premium economy that is available for a flight, either Alize or Premium Voyageur, will depend upon the origin and destination. Alize is offered for flights to across the Indian Ocean and to the Caribbean, while Premium Voyageur is offered on flights within Europe or to Israel and Northern Africa.

Passengers who fly in economy class, which is also known as Voyageur, can expect to receive feather cushions and blankets on long haul flights. A small kit filled with useful items, such as ear plugs, a towelette, and an eye mask is also available to all passengers at no extra cost. Although economy class is the most affordable way to fly, passengers can still expect a good amount of leg room, adjustable footrests, adjustable headrests, and plenty of in-flight entertainment. Meals are also available at no extra cost, and it is possible to select specialty meals for a flight, such as vegetarian and kosher meals.

Premium Economy (Alize) passengers who are heading to the Caribbean or across the Indian Ocean are provided with increased privacy and legroom as well as larger, more comfortable seats. A massaging footrest is also attached to each seat, and it is possible to lie down. Premium Voyageur also offers similar features, plus noise-reducing headsets, personal reading lamps, and a more complete amenity kit that includes a name brand face cream. The premium economy class seats from Air France are more expensive than economy seats, but cheaper than both business and first class seats. This may make premium economy class suitable for frequent travellers and those who are travelling for business.

Business class (Affaires) is offered on all long haul international flights. All business class passengers receive amenity kits that include brand name moisturizers and toiletries. During the flight, hypoallergenic pillows, wool blankets, and a personal cloakroom service are offered. The seats in business class are able to recline fully, potentially making it easier to relax and fall asleep. Noise cancelling headphones, PC power sockets, personal phones, and reading lamps are also available. Business class passengers can also enjoy a full menu of French cuisine, including appetizers, salads, desserts, and full meals. Travellers who are on especially long flights also have access to a bar area where they can sample a buffet of foods and meet other passengers if they wish.

First class, also known as La Premiere, offers a wide range of relaxing features that can make long haul flights more pleasant. There are very few seats in this class, which means that there is increased privacy, and every seat is separated by an ample amount of empty space. The seats can also recline into beds and duvets are available for every first class passengers' comfort. First class travellers can also access lounge wear, slippers, and brand name cosmetics. Interactive video screens, on demand entertainment, and massaging seats are also included.

Finding flights with Air France is very easy to do nowadays. allows you to search for flights matching your origin, destination, and travel dates and view the airline's listings and prices, so they can be presented to you alongside the details for other airlines.

It is possible to save money on your flights with Air France. No matter how often you fly, joining the Flying Blue club may be able to help you earn free flights or book an upgrade to a higher passenger class level.

Typically, the best time to book cheap flights with Air France is during the middle of the week. Due to competition, many airlines lower their prices at this time, which provides travellers with huge savings, especially during the off-peak travel seasons. Booking an economy class flight will also provide travellers with huge cost savings.