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V C Bird International Airport

  • VC Bird International Airport (ANU)

  • Antigua Airport (ANU)

    V.C. Bird International Airport is located in Antigua just northeast of St. John's, which is the capital of Barbuda and Antigua. Offering airlines, charter flights and cargo transports, the V.C. Bird International Airport is a one-stop hub for transporters and private travellers alike. V.C. Bird International Airport travellers have the capability of flying in from some of the world's most reputable airports to connect or land at their destination on the island of Antigua.

    Originally, V.C. Bird International Airport was created for the United States Army Air Force. In 1949 it had shut down under the name of Coolidge Air Force Base and from there it was quickly transformed into a civilian airport. The name of Coolidge Air Force Base remained in effect until the airport as changed in 1985 to honour Sir Vere Cornwall Bird - the first Prime Minister of the island of Antigua. It was not until December 2005 that the airport announced it would construct a new phase of passenger terminals that would help serve the airport for the next 30 years.

    Currently the V.C. Bird International Airport offers traditional amenities that include:
  • Restrooms

  • Lodging Transportation

  • Transportation

  • Restaurants and Eateries

  • Banking and Financial Services

  • Shopping

  • Wi-Fi

  • Conference and Business areas

  • Duty-free Shopping

  • VIP Lounge

  • First-Aid Facilities

  • Internet and Fax Facilities

  • In comparison to other international airports, V.C. Bird is one of the more modest and offers a limited number of accommodations and amenities for travellers to take advantage of.

    Travellers departing from the V.C. Bird International Airport are encouraged to arrive early. The Check-in queues for departing passengers have been reported as rather long and upwards of over a one hour wait. Security check points will still use the x-ray scans and inspections of luggage and travellers; therefore, all travellers departing from this airport should exercise traditional travel caution and follow all international rules regarding what can be carried on and what must be checked.

    Surrounding Places
    V.C. Bird International Airport is located five miles from St. John's on the island of Antigua. Buses and taxis are available to take individuals to the Deepwater Harbor and St. John's area.

    Tips for Travelling To or From V.C. Bird International
    Travellers arriving or departing from V.C. Bird International should make sure that they arrive at least two hours prior to their flight. Though it is easy to exit the airport, arrivals are much more difficult for travellers. It is important to note that the landside of the airport has no air conditioning, which means travellers should check-in early and head toward one of the restaurant accommodations for a more pleasurable wait until their flight departs.

    Airport Contact Information
    Airport Code: ANU
    Location: Five miles northeast of St. John's, Antigua AG
    Telephone: 268-462-0358
    Time Zone: UTC/GMT -4:00 Pre-Paid Calling Cards