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Perth Airport

  • Perth Airport (PER)

  • Perth Airport (PER)

    Perth Airport offers domestic and international flights for the area of Perth in Western Australia. Located in the suburb of Perth, this local airport has seen a massive increase in the numbers of passengers seen over the past five years. Though its facilities are slightly outdated, the facility still offers a variety of amenities for travellers getting to the Western Australia area.

    The Perth Airport originally offered civilian air services for Perth in 1924. By 1930 it was overly apparent that the facility needed to expand to serve the area better, which prompted the search for a more suitable site for future construction. The Department of Civil Aviation eventually selected land in 1938 for their new aerodrome. In the mid-1950s the facility was still used only a small percentage by travellers into the area, but as larger planes started to enter the facility it was determined that yet again the facility would have to expand. Today the two domestic terminals are located only 7.5 miles from Perth, but the international terminal is located in a secondary site 11 miles away.

  • Financial Services - Currency exchange offices and ATMs are located in the domestic and international terminals.

  • Luggage Services - There are self-service luggage storage lockers in the main entrance area of Terminal 1.

  • Business Services - The airport does not offer business services at this time, but the hotel located one mile away, Comfort Inn Bell Eyre, offers full-service business capabilities including conference rooms and internet.

  • Internet - Wi-Fi is available, but is a pay-as-you-go service.

  • Retail Services - A large duty-free shopping center is available in the international terminal and gift/souvenir shops are available in both.

  • Food Services - There are a variety of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and fast food facilities located in both terminals.

  • Other Services - Prayer rooms, baby facilities, children's play area and internet kiosks are scattered throughout both facilities.

  • Parking
    Perth Airport offers a variety of parking options and lots to accommodate more than enough travellers. Short-term car parks are located just outside both terminals and long-term car parks are located further away with shuttle services available.

    Due to the outdated facility, Perth's security and customs have a longer queue than most international airports. Therefore, travellers are urged to arrive two to three hours early to go through their queue, especially if travelling during peak season.

    Surrounding Areas and Attractions
    Getting around Perth is fairly easy with the variety of travel options available including taxis, buses, ferries, trains and even walking. Road signs are difficult to read, however, so travellers should always carry a map when exploring the city itself.

    Travellers new to Perth are encouraged to visit the local pubs and clubs that have made Perth known for its exciting nightlife. Those travelling with children can visit the local Aquarium where tunnels go underwater for 250 feet to give visitors sights of sea turtles, sea dragons and even moon jellies.

    Airport Contact Information
    Airport Code: PER
    Location: 7.5 miles NE of Perth, 11 miles NE of Perth
    Telephone: +61 (0)8 9478 8888
    Time Zone: UTC/GMT +8:00 Pre-Paid Calling Cards