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Vienna International Airport

  • Vienna International Airport (VIE)

  • Vienna Airport (VIE)

    The Vienna International Airport, also referred to as the Schwechat Airport, is Austria's largest and busiest airport. Located 11 miles from Vienna, the Vienna International Airport offer three terminals - one of which specifically used for low-cost flights. The Vienna International Airport serves as a hub for the Austrian Airlines and Niki Airlines carriers and accepts passengers from all over the world including Africa, North America and Asia.

    The Vienna International Airport was originally constructed to be a military airport in 1938 before it was taken over by the British in 1945. By 1954 the airport replaced Aspern as the principle aerodrome for the Vienna area. By 1982 the entire airport was connected to the national motorway network and was able to receive Olympic teams from all over the world as part of the Winter Olympics. Terminal 1 was opened to the public in 1992 and since then multiple additions including shopping centers, business parks and plazas have been opened to accommodate the variety of travellers entering the country from the airport itself.

    Vienna Airport offers:
  • Financial Services - ATMs and financial institutions are located throughout the facility. There are currency exchange offices as well as VAT-refund centers available as well.

  • Luggage Services - Trolleys are provided, but travellers must place a deposit before use. Porters can be hired and safe deposit boxes for luggage are available.

  • Business Services - The facility currently offers the AIR and JET lounges for business travellers including Wi-Fi, workstations, newspapers, showers, buffets and other VIP services. A cover charge is required to enter the area.

  • Internet Services - Free internet is available through Wi-Fi throughout the airport facility.

  • Retail Services - Major retailers including Hugo Boss and Samsonite are located within the shopping plaza of Terminal 1.

  • Food Services - The airport is equipped with a variety of food services including restaurants, coffee shops, fast-food and pubs.

  • Other Amenities - The Vienna International Airport also offers a chapel, pharmacy, baby-changing station, airline lounge, and medical care facilities.

  • Parking
    Currently there are two multi-story car parks. Both are within walking distance to the terminals and have covered walkways and each car park offers long and short-term parking. An underground rail system is available to help passengers reach their destination terminals faster.

    Surrounding Atmosphere
    Vienna is a bustling city within Austria and with numerous outlets for different personality types it is next to impossible to find something that is not pleasurable in Vienna. Those suffering from jet lag can take advantage of the numerous Vienna coffeehouses such as the Cafe Central. Anyone in the mood for Vienna comfort food will have a plethora of restaurant choices including the Nashmarkt. Travellers are encouraged to hit the flea markets on Saturdays to not only get a deal on fine Vienna items, but also to try out local vendors who offer Austrian cuisine at its finest.

    There are a variety of hotels and inns located throughout the city of Vienna. While hotels next to the airport are cheap, travellers can get a true Austrian experience and possibly a better rate than they thought by venturing into central Vienna.

    Airport Contact Information
    Airport Code: VIE
    Location: 11 miles SE of Vienna
    Telephone: +43 (0)1 70070
    Time Zone: UTC/GMT +1:00 Pre-Paid Calling Cards