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Brasilia International Airport

  • Brasilia International Airport (BSB)

  • Brasilia Airport (BSB)

    Brasilia International Airport, originally named Brasilia-Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport, serves the area of Brasilia in Brazil. Located just seven miles south of the capital city Brasilia, this main hub sees over 14 million passengers each year and acts as a regional destination, rather than international. Most flights into the Brasilia Airport come from Brazilian and South American city connections, while minimal flights come from Europe and North America. Brasilia International is, however, known as the best airport in Brazil and is the cleanest, most efficient facility for travellers coming into the country.

    The Brasilia International Airport was a concept project designed in 1956 by President Juscelino Kubitschek. At the time, however, the Vera Cruz Airport was already constructed and in use, but it was only temporary. Construction on the new Brasilia Airport began in 1956 to replace the wooden terminals of the original airport and it was opened in 1971. In 1990 it went under heavy renovation by architect Sergio Roberto Parada. The first phase of the renovation included created an access area from the passenger terminal to the airport itself. The second phase was to renovate the passenger terminals to include shopping malls, satellites and larger jet ways. Currently the facility is undergoing renovations to prepare for the 2014 FIFA World Cup; therefore, some facilities may not be open at this time.

  • Financial Services - The airport currently has financial institutions, ATMs and current exchange offices located throughout.

  • Luggage Services - Lost and found is located near the terminals, but they are handled by individual airlines and not the airport itself.

  • Business Services - Currently there are no dedicated business services, but a VIP lounge offers internet, fax machines and a post office for business-class travellers.

  • Internet Services - The airport does not offer any Wi-Fi service at this time.

  • Retail Services - There are numerous shops including souvenirs, chocolates, jewellery, clothing, electronics and even sporting equipment. The public area has the most shops at this time.

  • Food Services - Restaurants and cafes are available in the airport, but most options are in the pre-screening security area while there are no dining options in the arrival area.

  • Other Services - The airport offers a hair salon, movie theater, garden, emergency medical service, travel agency and handicap capabilities. Trains, buses and taxis are available to get from the airport into the Brasilia area.

  • Parking
    Brasilia International Airport offers numerous parking options that include covered and non-covered parking lots. Travellers can take advantage of reserved spaces for handicap needs as well as long and short-term parking.

    Security Check-In and Tips
    Customs queues are as expected for any international airport, but travellers heading into the Brasilia International need to keep in mind that most amenities and services are located outside of the screening area. Therefore, travellers who need to eat, shop or take advantage of amenities should do so before going through the security check points.

    Airport Contact Information
    Brasilia International Airport
    IATA Airport Code: BSB
    Location: 7 miles S of Brasilia
    Telephone: +55 (0)61 364 9000
    Time Zone: UTC/GMT -3:00 Pre-Paid Calling Cards