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Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport

  • Sao Paulo - Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)

  • Sao Paulo Airport (GRU)

    The Sao Paulo - Guarulhos International Airport, officially named the Governador Andre Franco Montoro International Airport, is the main gateway into the Sao Paulo area. Located just 18 miles from Sao Paulo, this is one of the busiest airports for Brazil and takes on over 27 million passengers each year. Unfortunately, the Sao Paulo has been rated as the third highest airport for long delays with over 25 percent of flights having a delay longer than 15 minutes. The airport has announced that these delays will no longer be an issue after their renovations are complete for the upcoming 2014 World Cup. Part of the renovations will include creating a third terminal and runway as well as an express railway system to get travellers to the Sao Paulo area faster.

    In 1967 the Brazilian military government decided to create an airport to accommodate the extensive air traffic growth from Rio de Janeiro to the Sao Paulo area. Officially the airport was inaugurated in 1985 and eventually the airport became the sole airport for the Sao Paulo area. In 1989 runways were extended and renovations were conducted on the terminals to accommodate more passengers, but by 2001 it was apparent they would need additional room. Terminal 3 went under construction in 2001 and it is expected to handle over 12 million passengers each year alone. Unfortunately, construction was held up until 2011, but the terminal is expected to be completed by 2014.

  • Financial Services - ATMs and currency exchange offices are located throughout the facility.

  • Luggage Services - A lost and found luggage claim is located within the terminals and a wrapping facility is located near departures.

  • Business Services - Business areas offer business-class travellers access to fax machines, computers and telephones. All business areas are located in the administration building of the departures area. VIP lounges also offer conference rooms that can handle up to 100 people.

  • Internet Services - The facility has Wi-Fi available in both terminals, but travellers must pay for the service.

  • Retail Services - Travellers can find 20 retail outlets that include clothes, shoes, gifts, souvenirs and local vendors.

  • Food Services - There are sixteen restaurants available that include sit-down, fast-food, coffee shops and snack facilities.

  • Additional Services - Travellers will also have access to a hair salon, dental clinic, pharmacy, medical outpost and locksmith.

  • Parking
    Currently the airport has a parking lot capacity of 3098 cars. Short and long-term parking is available.

    Surrounding Area Tips
    Travellers who want to rent a vehicle should keep in mind that cars are restricted from driving in Sao Paulo on certain days based on the last four numbers of their license plate. Therefore, most travellers are encouraged to take the adequate public transportation that is available to prevent renting a vehicle that cannot be used in town. Those who do rent vehicles will experience excessive traffic, difficult street signs and long commutes.

    Airport Contact Information
    IATA Airport Code: GRU
    Location: 18 miles NE of Sao Paulo
    Telephone: +55 (0)11 6445 2945
    Time Zone: UTC/GMT -3:00 Pre-Paid Calling Cards