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Calgary International Airport

  • Calgary International Airport (YYC)

  • Calgary Airport (YYC)

    As one of the biggest airports located in Canada, the Calgary International Airport is located 13 miles north east of downtown Calgary. This spacious and sunny terminal takes more than 12,000,000 travellers each year and is considered to be Canada's busiest airport. Flights to Calgary International Airport come from all over the world including major hubs like Los Angeles. Calgary is considered an important business destination in Western Canada.

    Calgary International Airport was originally created in 1914. This original airfield consisted of nothing but a grass airstrip and a wooden shed. In 1992 the Calgary Airport Authority took over the operations of the airport and began expansion. Today the terminal building has retail shops, restaurants, traveller's services, and a hotel on site. In 2008, the airport increased passenger volume by 2% which totaled 12 million passengers annually. Since 1992, large investments have been made to expand the international terminal of the airport.

    Amenities and Services
    Calgary Airport offers:
  • Financial Services - Currency exchange and ATMs are available on-site.

  • Luggage Services - Storage facilities are available, but all items stored are subject to inspection. Luggage wrapping is available near check-in counters.

  • Business Services - Executive lounges are located in concourses A, C and D.

  • Internet Services - Terminals carry free Wi-Fi service.

  • Retail Services - There are over 135 retail stores all over the airport including news agents, souvenir stores and alcohol retailers. Duty-free shops are available past security in the concourse areas.

  • Food Services - Dining includes mostly fast food, but there are some sit-down restaurants like Chili's and Montana's Cookhouse.

  • Other Amenities - The airport also offers meeting areas, valet parking, nurseries, police, first aid, shoe shine, dog exercise areas and play areas.

  • Parking
    The airport offers short and long-term parking as well as an economy lot. All lots are within walking distance of the terminals.

    Surrounding Area and Tips
    Those looking to travel through the Calgary area have several options for getting around. The most popular is by bus, though some take the public train. The closest station to the airport is located three miles in Whitehorn. Travellers will have to take a taxi to that location.

    Downtown Calgary is perfect for walking. Travellers can visit the home of the Winter Olympic Games, including the iconic location coined from the movie "Cool Runnings".

    Hotels are located throughout the area and travellers have more options ever since the Olympic Games. Hotels by the airport will have 24/7 shuttle service while hotels outside of airport limits will require a private shuttle request, taxi or bus to get back to Calgary International.

    Airport Contact Information
    Calgary International Airport
    IATA Airport Code: YYC
    Location: 12.5 miles NE of Calgary, Canada
    Telephone: +1 403 735 1200
    Time Zone: UTC/GMT -7:00 Pre-Paid Calling Cards