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Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Located just 7.5 miles from Vancouver, the Vancouver International Airport is a main hub for flights coming in from Europe, the United States and even Asia. Passengers who enter into this airport boast about how much there is to do ranging from the shopping to the eateries and even the traveller services.


Vancouver was not included in Charles Lindbergh's 1927 tour because they lacked the appropriate airport. Because of this, the city purchased land two years later to replace the airstrip that originally served as the area's airport. During World War II, the airports only terminal was leased directly to the Department of National Defense and the Department of Transport and served as a base for the Royal Canadian Air Force. When the war ended, plans to expand were made and the additional runways were completed in 1996. In 2011 the Vancouver International Airport announced that it would start focusing on flights between Vancouver and Asia as part of its international airport expansion plan.

Services and Amenities
* Financial Services - Currency exchange offices, ATMs and financial institutions are located throughout the airport terminals.
* Luggage Services - Trolleys are free to travellers and storage is available at the domestic terminals. Baggage-wrapping is available on the international terminal while lost and found is located at each terminal.
* Business Services - Business services are reserved for business-class tickets only. These include fax, copiers, internet and workstations on the third level of the international terminal. The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel offers conferences rooms for business travellers who need them.
* Internet Services - All Wi-Fi services are free at the airport.
* Retail Services - A wide variety of shops are available including duty-free shops at the international terminals. Gourmet food and fashion shops are also available to travellers.
* Food Services - The airport is home to multiple fast-food, bars, restaurant and coffee bar facilities.
* Additional Services - Vancouver International Airport hosts a variety of other services that include hair salons, soundproof rooms, luggage repair services, dry-cleaners, laundry services, dentists, wellness centers, medical clinics, chapels, prayer rooms, pay-per-use lounge areas and spas.


Currently the Vancouver International Airport offers hourly and long-term parking at their parkades, economy lots and valet parking lots.

Surrounding Area and Travel Tips

The most popular method for getting around Vancouver is through the public transportation known as TransLink. This efficient network of trolley buses, busses, ferries and elevated trains goes all over Vancouver and daily bases can be purchased for all methods of travel through the system.

In the city, travellers are encouraged to visit the Stanley Park located just a mile outside the city center. Travellers can also take a sea bus from the Burrard Inlet to the Waterfront Station to get a taste of Northern Vancouver. Travellers interested in history and arts can visit the Museum of Anthropology located at the University of British Columbia. The museum features enormous sculptures, artwork and a breathtaking view of the cliffs at Point Grey.

Contact Information

Vancouver International Airport Authority PO Box 23750,
Airport Postal Outlet,
British Columbia V7B 1Y7,
Number of Terminals: 3
Telephone: 604 207 7077
Fax: 604 276 6099
E-mail: Via the airport's website
Time Zone: GMT - 8 (GMT - 7 from the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October)

Location: The airport is located 13km (8 miles) south of Vancouver
Airport code: YVR