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Prague Ruzyne Airport

Prague Ruzyne Airport (PRG)

The Prague Ruzyne International Airport is located only six miles from the center of Prague in the Czech Republic. Overall the airport is very clean and highly efficient according to travellers who frequent it. With its high marks for quick customs checks and friendly staff, it is a preferred spot for most travellers entering into the European territory.


The airport began its first operations in the early 1930s before the government decided to turn it into a civilian travel hub. Since the airport had an excellent location, it quickly grew as one of the more popular airports for the area and by 1990 it finally went under modernization. In order to match their current capacity numbers and requirements, the airport slowly modernized and expanded to become one of the best European airports for travellers. There is currently a petition underway to rename the airport to the Vaclav Havel International Airport, but this has yet to be approved by the Czech Republic government.

Amenities and Services

Currently the Prague Ruzyne Airport offers numerous amenities and services for travellers entering into or departing the European territories. Some of the common amenities include:
* Cash, currency exchange and financial services
* Restaurants that include fast-food, sit-down, coffee shops and even traditional European restaurants
* Shopping that includes hand-blown glass and famous retailers like Hugo Boss and Burberry
* Pharmacies, vet offices, travel agents, VIP lounges
* Free Wi-Fi throughout the airport facility
* Business halls that offer quiet facilities, Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, VIP lounges and fax services


Directly in front of each terminal is a loading and picking up zone for travellers on the go. Parking is also available on the grounds for hourly, daily or long-term parking. Charges are per day or per week and the facility does offer 15 minutes of free parking for those who are temporarily parking.

Surrounding Area

Travellers can take trains throughout the area that drop off in numerous tourist-favored points including the city center. Though there are several buses that stop in and out of the airport facility, they are slower than the local train service. Taxis are available for travellers, who want individualized travel services, but these can be costly and not all taxi drivers in the area are fluent in English.

Once in town there are literally dozens of things to do for individuals and families alike. Those interested in the Prague nightlife can enter into the clubs and bars that downtown Prague is known for. The famous Cross Club, which features junkyard statues out front, is an iconic place to visit in the Prague area. In fact, those who travel there may run into a celebrity or two on the right night.

A leisurely walk through the Old Town Prague area is perfect for families. With old buildings and rustic appeal, it is the perfect European experience. The Astrological Clock at the Old Town Hall Tower is a hot tourist attraction that features one hour for every 12 Apostles.

Airport Contact Information

Telephone: +420 (0)2 2011 331/321
Fax: (0)2 3535 0922

Czech Airports Authority,
Prague Ruzyne Airport,
160 08 Prague 6,
Czech Republic
Number of Terminals: 3
Time Zone: GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)

Location: The airport is located 20km (12 miles) northwest of Prague
IATA airport code: PRG