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Stuttgart Airport

Stuttgart Airport (STR)

Stuttgart's international airport is positioned near three important towns in Germany: Filderstadt, Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Stuttgart. In 2010, it saw just over 9 million travellers take off or land from its single terminal. It serves as the major hub for a discount airline, Germanwings and is the primary airport for the Bundesland.


The Stuttgart Airport has shared much of its history with American military. Founded in 1939 as a replacement for another German airport, Stuttgart was under American control from 1945-1948. And, while the Cold War endured, it was also shared with the U.S. for helicopter operations.

Today, the U.S. Army has a small base at the airport that is shared with the State Police's helicopter division.

Services and Amenities

Stuttgart Airport does not offer on-site and/or adjacent hotel accommodations. Despite this lack, you will find that nearby hotels are plentiful. You can get information on them from the Information Desk at Terminal 3.

The airport does, however, have a great number of amenities for its visitors. A short list of the many available includes:
* ATMs, Banks and Currency Exchange facilities
* Wi-Fi stations
* Post Office
* Many fine restaurants, bars and coffee shops
* A biergarten
* Duty-free, souvenir and gift shops
* Porter service
* Hairdresser
* Massage salon
* Children's play area
* Automotive Service Station
* Sight-seeing helicopter tours

Parking and Transportation

As with many German airports, parking for Stuttgart Airport is available through an online reservation system. You can also calculate your parking rate and download a map of spaces via its website.

If you are driving to the airport or travelling by taxi, you should utilize the A8 or the B27. Arrivals and Departures gates are clearly marked after you take the appropriate exit. You can also reach the airport via public transit. Using the S-Bahn rail system, take either the S2 or S3 line from the city centre.

Surrounding Area

Stuttgart is, first and foremost, the home of the automobile. Despite its proximity to the famous Black Forest and its gently rolling hills (rare for the German countryside) and numerous wineries, many tourists travel to Stuttgart to visit the "cradle of the automobile." Here they find many automobile museums and the galleries they hold. A visit to any one of these famous museums is sure to convince you of the true artistry of the automobile.
But, to limit yourself to only seeing the more industrial accomplishments of Stuttgart would be to miss out on such jewels as the world-renowned Stuttgart Ballet, now in its 50th year, the Weissenhof Estate, or any of the many vineyards open to the public. German wines are experiencing a surge in popularity and, where better to introduce yourself to them or develop a better knowledge of their varied flavors, than in the very heart of their production?

Finally, while in Stuttgart, take the time to visit some of the biergartens, restaurants and pastry shops that epitomize Bavarian cuisine and the local breweries.

Telephone: +49 (01805) 948 444
Fax: (0)711 948 2241

Stuttgart Airport,
Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH,
PO Box 23 04 61,
70624 Stuttgart,
Number of Terminals: 4
Time Zone: GTM + 1 (GMT + 2 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)

Location: The airport is located 13km (8 miles) south of Stuttgart
IATA airport code: STR