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Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport-Mumbai

Mumbai is home to two major airports. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is, as the name suggests, the primary international airport for the city. It is also India's busiest airport and a major hub for all of Southeast Asia. Its five terminals saw over 30 million passengers in the past year.


Until 1942, Mumbai's only access to air travel was the Juhu Aerodome. A move away from the coast was implemented as Juhu was increasingly vulnerable to monsoon season. Santa Cruz was the selected location and that airfield saw many RAF actions during WWII. Its three runways were supplemented after the war by two additional hangars which became the first official terminal. New construction expanded the airport further in 1948 and the two terminals it had then served it well until a massive fire in 1979.

Continued problems due to lack of capacity plagued the airport until a new, fully modern terminal building was constructed in the 1980s.

Amenities and Services

The airport does not have any connected hotels at the time of this writing. Mumbai itself has many that offer shuttle service as a convenience for their guests.

The airport does have a variety of shops, duty-free stores, restaurants and bars. WiFi is available and there are also many standard services such as child care, currency exchange and a post office.

Parking and Transportation

Driving in Mumbai can be very difficult for tourists and is rarely recommended. Aside from the vast network of highways and roads, the airport's construction has led to many auto accidents.

Mumbai has an excellent public transportation system. You can, with some planning use it to reach any destination. To reach the airport by bus, use #312 to reach the domestic terminal. Bus #321 will take you to the international terminal.

The domestic/international separation affects travel by rail, as well. From the Domestic Terminal, use the Vile Parle station and, from the International Terminal, head for the Andheri station.

Surrounding Area

Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the fourth largest city in the world in terms of population. It is also India's largest city, with over 20 million citizens making it their home. An influential city globally, in terms of music, film, and culture, it is also a city of extreme contrasts and poverty.

You will find that the city is immensely proud of its film industry. Bollywood is still going strong and the many cinemas will offer you the chance to sample some of it in its birthplace. Follow up your movie with a visit to a local restaurant to sample some of India's cuisine such as gulab jamun, curry, or pakoras. Street vendors are everywhere in the city and there's no end to the variety of their offerings.

Travel Tips

Mumbai is a city of wonderful attractions and culture. It is also vastly overpopulated and poverty is high. While most people will not take advantage of tourists, it pays to be cautious. Pack carefully and take care with your purse, wallet and cash at all times.

IATA Airport Code: BOM
Telephone: +022-66851010
Location: Suburbs of Santa Cruz and Sahar, pincode area 400099.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport,
Mumbai 400 099,
Number of Terminals: 2
Telephone: (0)22 615 6789 or 615 6793
Fax: (0)22 615 6031 or 6202
Time Zone: GMT + 5.5

Location: The airport terminals are located 26-30km (16-19 miles) north of Mumbai