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Soekarno Hatta Jakarta International Airport

Soekarno Hatta Jakarta International Airport (CGK)

As the 12th busiest airport in the world and the 4th busiest in Asia, Soekarno Hatta Jakarta International Airport was serving approximately 51.1 million passengers as of 2011. The airport currently has three passenger terminals with numerous sub terminals, and a freight terminal, with plans for a fourth passenger terminal in the near future. More than 45 passenger airlines operate out of this airport, as well as 13 cargo carriers. Domestic and international service is offered through this eco-friendly and modern facility.


What started as an airfield was soon deemed unsatisfactory, and in the 1970s, plans to build an airport were launched. Sites were considered and plans were finalized throughout the late 1970s. The final contract was signed in 1980, and four year later, the original structure was complete. The airport opened in May 1985, and increased passenger traffic called for more additions with a second terminal completed in 1992. By 2011, the airport was exceeding its annual capacity, calling for the addition of a third terminal. Plans to build Terminal 4 are underway.


* Golf - Avid golfers will enjoy the golf area, home of the 2005 and 2008 Indonesia Open, located to the left side of the main gate, near the hotel.
* Hotels - Soekarno Hatta Jakarta International Airport offers nearby accommodations at two hotels, Sheraton Airport Hotel and Jakarta Airport Hotel. The Sheraton is the pricier of the two with 4 floors and 220 guest rooms, perfect for passengers on layover or conducting business in the area. This hotel is located near the airport, just to the left of the main exit road. Jakarta Airport Hotel is located inside the airport, on the upper floor of Terminal 2. The smaller of the two hotels, 82 guest rooms are available for short layovers and standard transit accommodations.
* Lounges - The Soekarno Hatta Jakarta International Airport offers four first class and business lounges for passengers travelling on select airlines.
* Shopping - Shopping areas are available in all terminals for passenger convenience.
* In-Flight Catering - Aerowisata Catering Services serves meals on 18 select international and domestic flights, as well as on aircraft charter services, VVIP, and special flights.

Parking and Transportation
* Parking - Extensive parking space is available for both short-term and long-term parking.
* Airport Shuttle - A shuttle is provided for convenient transport between Terminals 1, 2 and 3.
* Buses - Bus service is available from the airport to various locations nearby. Departure and arrival times vary. Further information is available inside the terminals.
* Taxis and Shuttles - Standard taxis, executive taxis, and shuttle services provided by third party providers is available from the airport to most any destination. Prices vary, and arrangements can be made at the airport.
* Car Rentals - Car rentals are available at the airport through several reputable companies with pick-ups and drop offs available at other locations. Third party services also offer car rentals complete with driver for passengers who would prefer a chauffeur.
* Railway - Plans to connect railway service to the airport are underway and expected to commence service in 2013.

Contact Information

Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta International Airport,
Building 601,
PO Box 1245 BUSH,
Jakarta 19101,
Number of Terminals: 3
Telephone: +62 (0)21 559 0008
Time Zone: GMT + 7

Location: The airport is located 20km (12 miles) northwest of Jakarta
IATA airport code: CGK