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Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport (SNN)

The Shannon Airport is considered the third-busiest airport in Ireland. Falling close behind Cork and Dublin, this airport takes on over two million passengers each year. Flights will arrive from all over the United Kingdom as well as from the United States. Shannon was one of the first airports created to offer a United States pre-clearance hub outside of the United States.


In 1936 the Irish government determined that they would develop a transatlantic airport for the country. By October 1936 construction began and by 1942 the airport was opened to be a serviceable airport by the name of Shannon Airport. At the end of World War II, the airport began taking on flights for post-war commercial airlines from Europe and the United States. Shannon Airport quickly became known as the main gateway from Europe to the United States. In the 1990s, the airport began to have struggles, especially when continental flights were renegotiated and forced to stop over at Shannon Airport. After Shannon Airport was able to reconstruct and add on an additional terminal, it was capable of handling the additional traveller count, which is why today it handles over two million passengers each year and is considered one of the more convenient Ireland locations.

Amenities and Services

Though Shannon Airport is one of the more busy locations in Ireland, it does not have as many amenities or accommodations as Cork and Dublin. The amenities at this facility include:

* ATMs, financial institutions and currency exchange offices
* Left luggage services
* Business services that include a business lounge, free internet, television, newspapers and meeting rooms
* Free Wi-Fi throughout the airport
* Post office
* Chapel
* A few restaurants and sandwich stores as well as a food court
* A 24-hour duty-free shop and a few select stores

Parking and Transportation

Short and long-term parking is available. All car parks are located in front of the terminal buildings and long-term parking has a limit of one week.

Travellers who want to get into town will not have the option of a train. Shannon does not have an airport train or a city train at this time. Shannon travellers will have the advantage of a long-distance bus service, the Bus Eireann, which connects from Shannon Airport to Dublin to other major Ireland locations. The bus is only available during the week. Weekends and night travel is left to taxis, which will charge considerably more than during the day.

Surrounding Area

There are hotels located throughout the city of Shannon, but for those travelling only a short while, they should consider hotels that are closer to the airport. These are more affordable and for business travellers, they offer the accommodations and amenities required to conduct business while on the road.

Contact Information
Telephone: +353 (0)61 712 000
Fax: (0)61 712 282

Shannon Airport,
County Clare,
Number of Terminals: 1
E-mail: feedback@shannonairport
Time Zone: GMT (GMT + 1 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)

Location: The airport is located 24km (15 miles) from Limerick and Ennis, and 90km (56 miles) from Galway
IATA airport code: SNN