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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is an international airport located in the Netherlands. Conveniently located just 20 minutes southwest of Amsterdam it serves as a main international airport.

The airport is home to several well-known carriers such as KLM, Arkefly, Corendon Dutch Airlines, Martinair and Transavia. This airport also is a hub for Delta Airlines.


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol opened in 1916 as a military base. By 1940 it had expanded and had 4 runways. Today Amsterdam International Airport is ranked 5th busiest European airport and 15th overall worldwide, now containing six full runways. Nearly two third of its passengers used the airport to fly to and from Europe.

The airports design is that of a single terminal split into separate departure halls. The most recent renovation was completed in 1994 and expanded in 2007, bringing the addition of terminal four. There are still open plans to be completed which will turn the airport into a muti terminal facility in the future.

The airport sits below sea level making it one of the world's lowest airports. The air traffic control tower upon completion in 1991 was the tallest in the world.

Services and Amenities

* Schiphol Plaza - This main shopping center is located precisely before customs enticing both those who will fly and those sending off loved ones.
* Mortuary - Schiphol has a mortuary on the grounds for housing of deceased loved ones prior to departure as well as returning flights.
* Library - The airport has the first permanent library providing passengers a chance to relax before their flight or while waiting for a flight to come in. Over 1,200 books, in 29 different languages make this a unique experience. The library also has e books available for download to your laptop or phone, free of charge. A Museum also sits alongside the library as an added attraction.
* Sleeping accommodations - If you arrive early or your flight is delayed there are plenty of places to relax. Many leather recliners are placed throughout the airport providing a comfortable place to relax while waiting for your flight. If you do not want to be out in the open there are many hotels both inside and around the terminal where you can spend the night.
* Internet Services - Free Wi/Fi internet services are available at the airport for the first hour after that you can pay by credit card for the service.
* Food services - There are many places to grab a bite to eat. You can dine in or take to go. There is even a food shopping center.
* Fitness and spa - there are services available at the Sheraton Hotel located between the Schiphol Plaza and World Trade Centre. They offer a day pass which includes use of the sauna, gym, rainforest showers, steam room and spa area. There are some limitations on hours for the sauna and steam room.


Parking at Amsterdam airport is spacious. Containing five different parking areas there is ample space for all passengers to park. The free shuttle service is available for all passengers and is continuous throughout the day and night arriving every five to ten minutes.

Surrounding Areas and Attractions

With Amsterdam being one of the world leaders in entertainment there is always something to do in the area. You can dine out in the city in one of the many fine restaurants or take a tour of the canal for the afternoon.

Contact Information:
Luchthaven Schiphol
Postbus 7501
1118 ZG Schiphol
Outside Netherlands
+31 -20790800

Number of Terminals: 1
Telephone: (0)900 7244 7465 (Netherlands only) or (0)20 794 0800
Fax: (0)20 604 1475
E-mail: or via the airport’s website
Time Zone: GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)

Location: The airport is located 15km (9 miles) southwest of Amsterdam
Airport code: AMS