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Rotterdam Airport

Rotterdam Airport (RTM)

Rotterdam Airport, also known as Rotterdam The Hague Airport, is located in the Netherlands. The airport offers flights to over thirty destinations and is the third largest airport in the country. The airport can handle over a million passengers a year. Commonly travelling to London, Paris, and other large cities in Europe, the Rotterdam Airport also completes charter flights as well.

Airport History

Rotterdam Airport's construction was the direct result of WWII. Following the battles, which ravaged great portions of Europe, The Netherlands saw their second largest airport destroyed. The Germans were attempting to use the location for their battle plan and rather than acquiesce to their demands, the country destroyed the airports to prevent use. In 1955, construction began on the Rotterdam as a way to fill the void that had been left by the decisions during the War. Economic hardships of the 1970's almost shut the doors, however, the late boom of the 1990's allowed the airport to stay open where it continues to operate today.

Airport Services

Wireless internet services are available at the Rotterdam Airport and this is a major convenience for business travellers and other passengers alike. Shopping centers are located close to the airport including the popular Coolsingel Centre. There is a coffee bar in the airport and a restaurant called Restaurant De Horizon. A sandwich and snack shops are located onsite as is a bar with terrace for relaxation and drinks while at the airport.

Parking & Transportation

There are several locations to park near the Rotterdam Airport. All spaces are close to the airport itself and do not require an advanced reservation to stay. Further, public transportation lines run from major locations in the city, including the Rotterdam Central Station for ease of access and quick departure at all hours of the day.

Airport Security

The Rotterdam Airport boasts a standard and strict security level throughout the airport. Passengers can expect to go through different checkpoints and screening locations but these are not usually ones that cause a great deal of delays in time.

Surrounding Places to Stay

Close to the airport is the Hotel Rotterdam. This location is perfect for passengers to stay because of the amenities and closeness to the airport itself. It is literally only a ten minutes' walk away and this means that passengers can wake up and head directly to their flight destination quickly and easily or have a comfortable place to lie at night. The Hotel Rotterdam is also pet friendly as well.

Travel Tips

Because of the newly created transportation system for the public, individuals that are going to be departing or entering the Rotterdam Airport from nearby should utilize this great resource. This is a great asset to utilize because of its newness as well as the ease of transportation that it allows for. Consider getting to the airport early and enjoying one of the great eateries. The restaurants have varying hours, however, and can be expensive, so consider bringing snacks for your preflight time as well.

Contact Information

Rotterdam Airport,
PO Box 12025,
3004 GA Rotterdam,
The Netherlands
Number of Terminals: 1
Phone: +31 10 446 34 44
Fax: (0)10 446 3499
Time Zone: GMT (GMT +1 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)

Location: Rotterdam Airport is located 8km (5 miles) northwest of Rotterdam and 25km (16 miles) southeast of The Hague
IATA airport code: RTM