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Lisbon Portela Airport

Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS)

Located in Portugal is an international airport named the Lisbon Portela Airport, also commonly known as the Lisbon Airport. This airport serves as the main access airport in Portugal and thus, processes a million passengers a year. The variety of airport runways can accommodate both large and small planes alike. Cargo planes also enter into this port each year and be accommodated.

Airport History

The history of the Lisbon Portela Airport began during the Second World War and used as a port of landing and departure for allied forces in the War. The country itself remained neutral throughout the War but this was an important location for fighters in the alliance. Several different renovation projects have been undertaken at this airport including one beginning in the 1950s and another in the early 1980s. Major urban development has surrounded the airport and it is planning on being relocated to Alcochete in the future.

Airport Amenities

The Lisbon Portela Airport has several different amenities onsite. There are great eateries from fast food to sit down restaurants and different locations for rest and relaxation in coffee shops and cafes. Boutique stores that are unique to the country as well as some more popular options are also available. ATMs are located in this airport as well as currency exchange help, too. Internet access points can also be found here.

Parking & Transportation

The Lisbon Portela Airport offers several options in transportation. A taxi service is available to and from the airport and the local community as well. Bus routes are also available to the location as well. These are the most popular transportation systems that are utilized by flyers when they come to and from the airport location. A rent-a-car port is also accessible to passengers as well. In the future, the government is working to build a metro station that will connect to the location and provide more travel options to those utilizing the airport.

Airport Security

As with any international flight location, there are security checkpoints at the Lisbon Portela Airport. Included in this location are points that check documentation and international paperwork that prepare individuals for successful international flight. These points are musts for all travelers, and they must check-in before a flight and recheck if entering into the airport.

Surrounding Places To Stay

The local community around Lisbon Portela Airport offers individuals a chance to access great hotel accommodations and resort options. Major hotel chains like Marriott and the Holiday Inn all have buildings here as well as smaller boutique hotels. This means options in budget and amenities. There are also restaurants and shops in the area, too.

Travel Tips

If you are travelling through the Lisbon Portela Airport, make the trip easier on yourself. Be sure that you have all of the paperwork that you need to get through the airport quickly. You can call ahead and talk to a service personnel member to discuss what you need ahead of time so that you can plan accordingly for your trip.

Contact Information

Phone: 351 0218 413500
Fax: (0)21 841 3675
Address: Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas, 1700-111 Lisbon, Portugal

Number of Terminals: 1
Time Zone: GMT (GMT + 1 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)

Location: The airport is located 7km (4 miles) from Lisbon
Country code: 351
IATA airport code: LIS