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San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International Airport

San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (SJU)

Located just three miles south of San Juan, the San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International Airport is used for both civil and commercial air transport. Each year, this airport sees nearly four million individuals pass through its portals of entry to Puerto Rico.

Airport History

It was in 1955 that the future San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International Airport first opened its doors. The airport was run by the government of the country itself and known as the Isla Verde International Airport. It was in 1985 that it was renamed and became known as it currently is after statesman San Juan Luis Munoz Marin. The airport has been faced with financial issues over the course of decades, however, currently it is doing well and even undergoing new expansions.

Airport Services

The San Juan Luis Muniz Marin International Airport is visually beautiful. There is a great use of bright colors. Beyond this, the airport also offers other amenities. There are great shops and boutiques located throughout the airport and there are also dining options. Bars and lounges are perfect for customers looking to relax and individuals can find themselves drinking at these low key bars before boarding and after deplaning.

Parking & Transportation

The Luis Marin International Airport is ready and accessible to several different transportation options. There are buses and taxis that come directly to the airport and there are also options for private rentals. Limousine services and town cars are available as well. Parking is available onsite for a fee but this is a secure area that individuals and passengers can take security and safety in knowing that their car is protected while they are away.

Airport Security

Security at the airport is like any other international airport. There are baggage checks, luggage specifications, and other security check-ins for all individuals entering and departing via this airline. For this reason, individuals will need to add extra preparation time to their flight plan to ensure that they can get through quickly.

Surrounding Places to Stay

Several top international hotel chains are located in the region nearby. These include the Holiday Inn and Marriot, among others. Because of the ease of transportation, individuals that are flying into or out of the San Juan Luis Muniz Marin International Airport should have no trouble accessing these locations of rest for their pre-flight or post-flight comfort. Consider booking these locations in advance to assure that you get the spot that you want.

Travel Tips

Be sure that you provide yourself with the resources that you need to board quickly ahead of time. Prepare by researching the luggage specifications so that there is no delay due to lack of preparation. Also, be sure that you have documentation in hand to get through all ports quickly. Bring your identification and your passport and have it in an easily accessible location so that there is no need to wait longer than necessary at this busy port.

Contact Information

Address: Calle Lindbergh #64, Antigua Base Naval Miramar, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907

Number of Terminals: 3
Phone: +787 729 8715
Fax: 253 3185 or 791 4834
Time Zone: GMT - 4

Location: The airport is located 14km (9 miles) east of San Juan
IATA airport code: SJU