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Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

The airport at Changi, known as Singapore Changi Airport, has connection points with an outstanding two-hundred different locations around the world. Nearly fifty million passengers can travel through the airport gates here each year. This means that the amenities have developed to accommodate all of these needs.

Airport History

In 1955, the Singapore Changi Airport opened its doors to passengers, with only a single runway for use. Originally located in another city, this airport grew quickly as a popular destination for use. As usage grew, the government made a decision to expand the facilities and renovations began in 1975 to do just that. The older site was converted into a location for military use. The current location has seen several renovations over the years to convert it into the airport that is amazing today.

Airport Services

There are numerous chain restaurants, fast food locations, cafes, coffee shops, and more at this location. Individuals travelling through this airport can have access to food options twenty-four hours a day. Vegetarian cuisine is available consistently as well for those travellers with dietary concerns. There are several shops in the Singapore Changi Airport as well and these points of access offer round the clock amenities as well. Further, there are options for banking and currency exchange, too. There is a pool onsite, hotel, and great opportunities for entertainment in bars and lounge areas.

Parking & Transportation

The airport shuttle runs from popular locations to the city and is operating twenty-four hours a day. Individuals who use this service will find friendly staff and some handicap accessibility on the transportation buses. Also, individuals will have access to taxis and car rental services at this large international airport. Limousine and car services are also available to individual travellers as well.

Security of Airport

Those who are travelling via the Singapore Changi Airport may have to undergo a health check if they have been living or working in an area exposed to communicable diseases like Yellow Fever or a plague. All passengers must go through a security check-in spot and a check-out as well. This is to ensure the safety and security of all passengers travelling through the airport terminals.

Surrounding Places to Stay

There are several hotels around Singapore Changi airport where travellers in transit can go, if they choose not to stay in the airport hotel. There are also 2-hour Singapore tours, organized by the airport, for those interested in spending their time in a useful manner.

Travel Tips

One tip before coming to the Singapore Changi Airport is to prepare for the journey with a plan. There is so much to do that a simple layover can seem not a long enough time at the airport. Consider researching the shops and restaurants in more detail to find if there is anything you want to see and do in the location before you ever enter through its gates. Bringing the proper paperwork and having it ready can mean less time in transit and more time exploring Singapore so plan accordingly.

Contact Information

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore,
Singapore Changi Airport, PO Box 168, Singapore 918146
Number of Terminals: 2
Phone: +65 6595 6868
Fax: (0)6542 6990
Time Zone: GMT + 8

Location: The airport is located 20km (13 miles) northeast of the city of Singapore
IATA airport code: SIN