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Cape Town International Airport

General Description of Cape Town International Airport

The Cape Town International Airport is the second largest and busiest in all of South Africa. This means that it handles millions of passengers each year. Located in the city, it has many great amenities both on the facility and outside of it and services several different international flights daily. Security is high and so is the service experience.

Airport History

Beginning in 1954 was when the Cape Town International Airport first opened its doors to flights. It replaced a previously built airport on the same location. There was some question as to who owned the airport during the racially divisive Apartheid years. This led to a conversation about the rights and ownership of the airport. Following some discussion and new public policy that impacted airlines and airports, it was then that a private company took over the Cape Town International Airport and made it what it is today. Name changes are possible due to changes in public policy at all airports in South Africa recently but this airport is still most commonly referred to as the Cape Town International Airport.

Airport Accommodations

There are great restaurant options in the Cape Town International Airport for guests. These guests are able to taste different international cuisine and there are also options in the way in which these dishes are served. Buffets and sit down accommodations are both available as are fast food locations as well. There are shops at several different locations and internet access as well. Business travellers enjoy the resources available at the business centers and the different shops that allow for work as well as dining.

Parking & Transportation

There are several parking lots available for passenger use at the Cape Town International Airport. They can hold over four thousand spots available but they do require that you have reservations in order to get a spot. In order to get to the airport and back, individuals can use one of the many mass and public transit options available to them. This includes bus routes, taxis, and rental cars from the Cape Town area and in the hotel. Limousine services are also available.

Airport Security

Security at the Cape Town International Airport meets all country requirements. This means that individuals entering the airport need to prepare themselves by bringing the proper documentation to the facilities, including passports, identification, and more. You also need to make sure that all luggage is wrapped appropriately and placed in the appropriate packaging.

Surrounding Places to Stay

There are several great hotels in the Cape Town area. The business district is close by as well as bay areas. These bays are utilized for resorts and hotel accommodations and they make for a wonderful stay. Resorts of all levels of star ratings are available, from those on the bay to those with city views. Different budgetary considerations are also available and price ranges as well.

Contact Information
Phone: +27 21 937 1200
Address: Private Bag X9002, Cape Town International Airport 7525

Number of Terminals: 5
Time Zone: GMT + 2

Location: The airport is located 22km (15.5 miles) east of Cape Town
Airport code: CPT