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Durban International Airport

General description of Durban International Airport

Located in South Africa, the Durban International Airport has seen a decline in recent years. Yet, the airport still handles a great deal of South African air transportation. Most flights are now domestic, but this once booming international flight hub continues to be a staple in transit, especially domestically.

Airport History

The doors of the Durban International Airport first opened their doors in 1951. Then, the name given to the original airport was Louis Botha Airport. This name was given because of a popular statesman in the country. Originally a center of much international air traffic, the airport has seen a downturn in recent decades as the Johannesburg Airport grows and is pushed toward more international traffic. Now, Durban International Airport is a secondary rather than primary option in air traffic.

Airport Accommodations

Restaurants of both dine-in cuisine and fast food dominate the airport scene at Durban International Airport. This gives you a great option of different dining choices while in the area. Also, you will find ATMs on the premise for your banking needs before and after travel. Customer service stations are available as well as public communication devices. You can consider these options as helpful places for you to utilize before boarding or after in order to talk to others and this is important for anyone new to the community.

Parking & Transportation

There is some onsite parking at Durban International. This information can be gotten ahead of time via the website. There are transportation options to and from the nearby community of Durban as well, with public transportation and other locations offering great options in travel to and from the airport. Shuttles are available onsite as well.

Airport Security

The security at Durban International Airport means that passengers have to go through several different checkpoints in order to reach the appropriate destination for their needs. All luggage must meet safety guidelines that are set by public policy, including the wrapping of certain products and amenities in a certain way. This information can be found easily online and via the airports communications network.

Surrounding Locations to Stay

There are several different hotels and resorts near Durban International Airport that offer great accommodations and staying options. There are chain locations that have familiarity of name recognition. The majority of these stay locations are four star locations with pools and restaurant options as well. The community of Durban offers local South African cuisines and resources for travellers as well.

Travel Tips

There are many great locations to stay around Durban International so if you are planning on staying in this location make arrangements accordingly. There are great locations but also some less than ideal ones so plan ahead. Also, prepare all documents and information to ensure that you get the most from your trip by moving more quickly through the airport security checkpoints.

Contact Information

Phone: +27 31 451 6666
Fax: (0)31 451 6672
Address: N2 Freeway, 4029, Durban, South Africa

Number of Terminals: 1
Telephone: (0)31 451 6666
Time Zone: GMT + 2

Location: The airport is located 18km (11.2 miles) south of Durban
IATA Airport code: DUR