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Port Elizabeth Airport

Port Elizabeth Airport (PLZ)

Port Elizabeth Airport is located in South Africa's Eastern Cape. The airport is located in a prime location, just a few miles from the Eastern Cape business district. Over fifteen million individuals have been processed and travelled in the Port Elizabeth Airport since the doors opened and they began to help and serve the travelling needs of passengers.

Airport History

1917 saw the first plane enter into Port Elizabeth and just twelve years later the vision for an accommodating airport was born in the form of the Port Elizabeth Airport. Nine years after the construction began, the doors opened and Port Elizabeth began welcoming flights. As with many facilities around the globe, the airport underwent changes during WWII. It was then that the airfields were extended and made to accommodate more planes that would enter into the venue. Since then, air traffic control operations and other amenities have been added to this ever growing airport facility.

Airport Services

There are ATM and other banking facilities located in several places throughout the Port Elizabeth Airport. A restaurant is on the first floor of the facilities and cafes and coffee shops at another spot as well. Gift shops and souvenir stations are located throughout different spots in the hotel. Luggage can be placed on trolleys for easy transportation of passenger baggage. Communication is not a problem either as several points offer telephone spots and communication portals.

Parking & Transportation

The Port Elizabeth Airport is connected to a main road in the East Cape. This road allows for easy access to a main bus route that is also utilized by the airport for shuttle services. There are also car services available, taxis, and limousine services as well. Car rental services are also onsite. Parking is available onsite as well.

Airport Security

There is high security at Port Elizabeth Airport from the moment that individuals enter into the hall of arrivals. This location checks individuals' documents and makes sure that they are prepared for domestic or international travels. These documentation checks are important for security purposes but can take time. Be aware and come prepared with all travel documentation in hand ready to go.

Surrounding Places to Stay

The Port Elizabeth Airport does not offer an in-house hotel option. But, the local community offers several. There are locations nearby for those seeking overnight accommodations that can offer a traveler places to stay at a wide range of budgetary options. Because of the business centre being so close, these facilities often offer transportation of their own to and from the airport.

Travel Tips

For those that are seeking overnight accommodations, book your hotel early. The lack of an onsite hotel means that anyone making a departure and requiring sleeping arrangements will have to look to this larger community and this can making booking more difficult, especially around busier travel times. Consider this, then, when you are planning your travel arrangements and be sure that you take the time to plan ahead for an easier transportation process.

Contact Information

Airports Company South Africa,
PO Box 5787,
Port Elizabeth Airport,
South Africa
Number of Terminals: 1
Phone: +27 41 507 7319
Fax: (0)41 507 7340
Time Zone: GMT + 2

Location: The airport is located within the boundaries of the city of Port Elizabeth, 5km (3 miles) west of the Capital Business District and 3km (2 miles) from Algoa Bay
IATA airport code: PLZ