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Gran Canaria Airport

Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)

The airport has three names that it is known by, though the official name in Spanish is Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria. With that aside, Gran Canaria is also known as Las Palmas and Gando Airport. Like most of Spain's major international airports, Gran Canaria is managed by Anea Group. The airport is located on the East side of Gran Canaria Island, the major island of the Canary Islands on the Gando Bay.

Airport History

The airport was opened on April 7, 1930, on the royal order of King Alfonso XIII. For a long time, Gran Canaria Airport has been the gateway to the Canary Islands, which is a colony of Spain in the Atlantic Ocean. The airport has been renovated, in 1946, 1948, 1957 and then again in the 1960s. The current terminal was built in 1973 and enlarged in 1991. The airport is currently undergoing renovations which will finish in 2013.

Airport Services

Because Gran Canaria is a small airport, it only has two eateries available. These are Lazarran and Starbucks Coffee. The Lazarran is a great snack bar that offers authentic Spanish treats, such as meat shish-kebabs and some of the finest Spanish and other southern European beers. Starbucks is originally a US restaurant chain and internationally recognized for its wide variety of coffees and snacks which go with coffee.

Gran Canaria Airport has two Canariensis Duty Free Shops in the passengers only section of the departures terminal and one in the passengers only section of the arrivals terminal. You can think of the Canariensis Duty Free Shops as large shopping centers within the airport's terminals where you can get drinks, food stuffs, cigarettes, toiletries, and souvenir gifts very easily. You can also find these items in the shops very easily due to clearly marked prices and aisles where they are marked.

Parking & Transportation

The airport is easily accessed from Las Palmas, the capital of the Canary Island by Bus 60. The cost of the bus is 2.30 Euros to the San Talmo Station, and 2.95 Euros to the airport via the Santa Catalina Interchange. Car rental is also available at Gran Canaria Airport for those of you who like to drive around the island. The international airport code for Gran Canara Airport is LPA.

Airport Security

The airport does have a check-in and check-out process. Individual travellers have said that the process is less strict than in other areas of the world but this is expected to increase as the traffic levels increase as well.

Surrounding Places to Stay

There are many hotels close to the airport, catering to the tourist market and it is just 25 km from the nearest resorts.

Travel Tips

It is best to check flight information before leaving your hotel to make sure your flight is on time. Arrive well in advance of your flight's departure time to avoid inconvenience.

Contact Information
Phone: +34 91 321 10 00
Fax: (0)928 579 117
Address: Ctra. General del Sur. 35071 Gando/Telde.Gran Canaria (Las Palmas)

Number of Terminals: 1
Time Zone: GMT (GMT + 1 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)

Location: The airport is located 18km (11 miles) south of Las Palmas
IATA airport code: LPA