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Abu Dhabi International Airport

General Description of Abu Dhabi International Airport

Known as the second largest airport within United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi International Airport serves millions of passengers from across the world. Situated in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, the airport is open round the clock merely at a distance of 40 minute drive from the city center. The airport operations are controlled by Abu Dhabi Airports Company.

Airport History

The history of the airport can be traced back to 1929 when the British Royal Air Force started its operations from the port of the Abu Dhabi base. In 1968 the airport was officially inaugurated in the name of Al-Bateen after which it was relocated to its present location. From then on, the airport experienced considerable expansion and it was in 2006 that the ADAC took over to manage the operations of the airport

Airport Amenities

The airport is equipped with ATM whereas The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) allows the passengers to exchange currency at airport premises with ease. The airport also offers conferencing facilities to business man whereas travelers can also avail the VIP lounges and health club facilities such as gym, Jacuzzi and sauna. The airport is also equipped with free wireless internet that allows passengers to surf while waiting for their flights. Moreover, the shopping/dining outlets within the airport are extensive that allow the passengers to shop at various duty free shops while also eat a bite before heading to their destinations. The eating outlets are located in both; before passport check and after passport check area.

Parking & Transportation

The parking options are unlimited with short term stay, midterm stay and long term stay parking times distinguished according to the parking time starting from 15 minutes to maximum parking time of 60 days. Valet parking is also available at a cost of $5. Although the train service is not available, taxis and coaches are readily available to transport passengers into the city of Abu Dhabi.

Airport Security

Passengers must ensure that that are not in possession of any item that might result in security threat. They must be willing to switch on all electronics at security checkpoints, and might have to remove shoes as well.

Surrounding Places to Stay

Several hotels are located nearby that offer economical prices and high quality service to passengers that are visiting the city for business or vacation purposes. These include Yas Island Rotana Abu Dhabi, Yas Viceroy Hotel and Centro Yas Island Abu Dhabi. Deals are frequently available that could be utilized to minimize the travelling cost.

Travel Tips

All documents must be easily accessible at all times for inspection during check in. Passengers that are travelling with cell phones or laptops must ensure that they are fully charges and must switch them off before the flight takes off. Long flights might often lead to dehydration and therefore passengers must regularly drink water. Passengers that have long duration flights must take a walk after a few hours to ensure blood circulation.

Contact Information

Phone: +971 2 575 7500
Address: Department of Civil Aviation, Abu Dhabi International Airport, PO Box 20, Abu Dhabi, UAE.