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Al Ain International Airport

General Description of Al Ain International Airport

Currently the Ail Ain International Airport near Abu Dhabi has just one runway for use. This makes it a small airport with limited traffic capabilities. There are spots for both passenger planes, up to five, and two spots for cargo planes that may come into the site.

Airport History

Ail Ain International Airport has a modern development or history. It was first created and opened in 1994 in the early months of the New Year. It was constructed as Abu Dhabi's second largest airport and as a resource for new flight growth in the region. The goal of this airport is to grow with the evolution and needs of the area. There will be more airlines serviced in the future and a connection being forged with an aerospace firm.

Airport Services

Only eight airlines utilize the airport and these are mostly Middle Eastern driven flight lines. There are public restrooms available onsite and the airport is available for wheelchairs. Wheelchairs can access the location through designated locations for those that might have disabilities. There are also two restaurants onsite as well and shops which are duty free for shopping at the complex. No hotel is on the complex itself. A bank and ATM are also located onsite.

Parking & Transportation

There are no rental car companies stationed in the location itself. Rather, there are rental car companies in the area that will drop off paperwork for passenger use and can have a car brought to the location when required. Public transportation is the most utilized mode of transportation by passengers and their guests.

Airport Security

The airport, by virtue of its location and size, does have a check-in and check-out process. Individual travellers have said that the process is less strict than in other areas of the world but this is expected to increase as the traffic levels increase as well. As with much here, Al Ain International Airport is growing in security as well.

Surrounding Places to Stay

Close to a main highway that can take you out of the region, Ail Ain International Airport is close to several hotels. However, the majority of these staying areas are closer to Abu Dhabi than the airport itself. Chains like Marriott, Hyatt, and more have accommodations in the city and these can be located via transportation routes from the airport.

Travel Tips

Because there is no hotel on location, those travelling through this airport need to consider making travel arrangements, transportation to and from the airport, and hotel accommodations well in advance. The airport offers great amenities but there will be many missing from the more modernized airports of our time. For that reason, guests should prepare accordingly and prepare themselves for a visit that will be different than other locations. Further, they should be prepared to enter a city where they have researched customs and culture so as to avoid unnecessary problems.

Airport Contact Information
Email: Not Available
Phone: +971 2 505 5000
Department of Civil Aviation,
Al Ain International Airport,
PO Box 1554,
Al Ain,
Number of Terminals: 1
Telephone: (0)3 855 555
Fax: (0)3 855 000
Website: or
Time Zone: GMT+ 4

Location: The airport is located 13km (8 miles) northwest of Al Ain
Airport code: AAN