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Dubai International Airport

General Description of Dubai International Airport

The chief airport within the Emirate of Dubai is known as the Dubai International Airport which operates a staggering 5,600 flights on a weekly basis to more than 200 places across the globe. The airport is located at a distance of 4 kilometers from the popular Dubai city centre. The airport serves as a hub to many airlines and is termed as one of the busiest airports worldwide.

Airport History

The airport history dates back to 1937 when an agreement with Imperial Airways resulted in aircrafts to fly from the airport base. Within a short passage of time other flights began to operate from this hub and it was in 1940s that British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) began their operations. From then onwards the Dubai International Airport has served millions of customers. It celebrated its 50th anniversary on 29th October 2010.

Airport Amenities

The airport offers money transfer and withdrawal facilities throughout the airport. Various lounges located across the airport serve as a conference area for the business man and are equipped with various facilities. Likewise, Global Link business center offers internet connection, fax and secretary assistance for business travelers. Prayer area, pool, health club, Jacuzzi and several other amenities are available within the airport. Free wireless internet is available and plug in stands are also accessible. The duty free shopping area within Dubai is known for its excellent variety of products whereas the passengers can also sit back and relax at 25 drink and food outlets that serve exotic drinks and different cultural foods.

Parking & Transportation

The car parking lot is extensive and offers an array of opportunities to passengers. Passengers can park for a maximum of 5 hours in the short parking zone whereas in long parking area passengers can park for 24 hours or even longer. Dubai Metro Train is known for its efficiency and runs every 10 minutes whereas Dubai Buses are also readily available and operate round the clock. Free shuttle service is also provided by various hotels whereas a taxi can also be hired from outside the terminal.

Airport Security

There are two main security checkpoints. In order to have a pleasant stay at the airport, passengers must duly follow all guidelines pertaining to security check and control

Surrounding Places to Stay

The Dubai International Airport is situated near the arrival terminal of Sheikh Rashid and therefore is perfect for those that are travelling on business. The hotel is made up of 88 room designed to provide high quality service to valued customers. Several other hotels are also located nearby that are known for their outstanding service and these include Dubai Grand Hotel, City Seasons Hotel, Al Bustan Rotana Dubai and Al-Bustan Centre & Residence.

Travel Tips

Dubai International Airport is a large airport, so leave yourself enough time to get to the right terminal and departure gate.

Contact Information

Phone: +971 4 216 2525 or 216 6333
Fax: (0)4 224 4067
Address: Department of Civil Aviation, Dubai International Airport, PO Box 2525, Dubai, UAE

Number of Terminals: 2
Time Zone: GMT + 4

Location: The airport is located 4km (2.5 miles) southeast of Dubai
Airport code: DXB