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London Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick Airport (LGW)

London Gatwick Airport is a very convenient London airport. With the official code LGW, this airport is located only 3 miles north of Sussex and less than 30 miles north of central London. It is the second largest and the second busiest international Airport in the city, seeing over 33 million passengers in 2011. It is a much preferred international airport by Charter Airlines.

The airport is made up of 2 terminals, located north and south of each other. Both terminals have services and amenities. There is an inter-terminal shuttle available to get you back and forth between the two.


The name comes from a manor, which was originally on the site of the airport. The site has been a railway and a race course previously, owned by the Gatwick family until the 19th century. The name has remained.

The airport was actually established in the 1920s. It was used for military purposes and also as a flight school at different times. It closed in 1935 for building works, but reopened the next year officially. Horse racing did not actually stop on site until the 1940s.
In 1946, the airline became strictly for commercial or charter flights. It took on the name Gatwick Airport in 1958, instead of the previous Gatwick Aerodrome. Since, the airport has undergone extensive additions and reconstructions, all the way to current additions that are in progress through the year 2012.


* Business services
* General services - Shopping, dining
* Banking services - Currency exchange, ATMs, banks
* Reduced mobility assistance
* Hotel booking service


Gatwick Airport offers both long and short stay parking. There are handicapped parking areas in both with a regular shuttle bus service that will take you to the terminals so you don't have to walk the distance. The airport boasts the lowest parking services out of all of the airports in London. You can even book your parking ahead of time online.

Surrounding Area

You can get to the rest of the city by hiring a car from the airport or taking advantage of any of the public transportation services. You can call for a taxi, take the bus, or even take the train into the rest of the city. In addition to the large amount of public transportation and great in-city location, Gatwick also offers a convenient hotel booking service right through the airport itself.

Contact Information

London Gatwick Airport,
West Sussex,
RH6 0NP,
Number of Terminals: 2
Telephone: +(0)844 892 0322
Time Zone: GMT (GMT + 1 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)

Location: The airport is located 45km (28 miles) south of London
IATA airport code: LGW