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Detroit Metro Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, also known as Metro Airport or Detroit Metro Airport, is a public airport operated by the Wayne County Airport Authority. It is one of the major airports in the US and serves as one of the biggest air transportation hubs worldwide, making it the busiest airport in Michigan. Aside from Michigan, it also serves neighboring areas like Toledo, Ohio and the Canadian cities of Windsor and Southwest Ontario.

Although plans for the airport were originally thought up as early as 1927, the construction was only completed two years later in 1929. The airfield, first named Romulus Army Airfield, served as a base of operations for the Michigan National Guard in conjunction with the Air Force from 1931 to 1945. Renovations to make the airport the city's main airport began from 1947 to 1950, and the airport was renamed Detroit-Wayne Major Airport somewhere during that time. In 1956, five airlines shifted to the Detroit-Wayne airport, making it a major hub for commercial transport. In 1958, the airport's name was changed to its most current name.

The airport's concessions program has won several awards based on their management and design. Retail shops found at the airport includes most of the popular brand names like Heritage Books, Brook Brothers, Crocs Footwear, Gadgets To Go, KidZoo, Motown Music, and Swarovski. The airport also has several dining options from popular fastfoods like Wendys, Burger King and Taco Bell, to foreign cuisine serving Mexican, Italian and European dishes. The airport also has several vending machines, ATMs, Shoeshine outlets, telephones and Currency exchange services. The terminal complex is also a hotspot where passengers can access the airport's free WiFi services.

DTW utilizes a different parking scheme, which makes the process more convenient for passengers and loved ones. The airport itself has 19,000 parking spaces, with two covered garages. The Big Blue Deck is a parking garage adjacent to the North Terminal, while the McNamara Terminal Parking Structure is connected to the McNamara terminal via a covered walkway. The two garages offer short-term parking that's accessible to the terminals. Long-term parking option is provided on the Green Lot. Free shuttle services are offered going through the green lot and the two terminals. There are also several car rental companies inside the airport.

The Westin Hotel is an on-airport hotel for passengers who need accommodations and don't want to venture far away from the airport. For hotels and accommodations outside the airport, people might want to try the Days Inn by Middlebelt Rd. The inn has amenities like free gym use, free WiFi and 24-hour shuttle service to the airport. Accommodations at the Days Inn can go for $60 a day. The Marriott is also a good place to stay if you need accommodations near the airport. The Marriott offers accommodations with free WiFi, hot tub, indoor pool, and shuttle service to the airport for $80 a day.

Passengers can check the status of their flight frequently through the airport's website. It is recommended that passengers confirm the status and arrive at least two hours early from their departure time to ensure enough time for parking, check-ins and screening. Remove batteries from your electronic devices to make the scanning quicker and to set off less alarms. Carefully fill out your luggage ID with accurate information to prevent loss of baggage.

Only passengers with tickets will go through screening. All individuals 18 and above will have to present an ID to the TSA at the checkpoint. Passengers may only take up to one carry-on item. All medication must be declared.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
Smith Terminal - Mezzanine Level
Detroit , MI 48242

Number of Terminals: 3
Telephone: 734 247 7678
Fax: 734 942 3793
Time Zone: GMT - 5 (GMT - 4 from the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October)

Location: The airport is located 32km (20 miles) southwest of Detroit
Airport code: DTW