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New York John F Kennedy International Airport

New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

The New York John F. Kennedy International Airport, abbreviated JFK, is named after the former President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. It was given this name in 1963.

This airport is located 12 miles from lower Manhattan. It was the busiest airport in the United States in 2011, handling nearly 48 million passengers. It is the world's 17th busiest airport and the country's 6th. It is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. It is part of the largest airport system in the United States.


The airport was originally called the Idlewild Airport, abbreviated IDL, and was started in 1943. The same year, the name was changed to Major General Alexander E. Anderson Airport. It was changed a third time in 1948 to New York International Airport, Anderson Field. It was still referred to by people as Idlewild until about 1963.

The Port Authority, which now has control of the airport, took it over in 1947 and the first commercial flight was the next year. In 1955, a plan to rebuild the airport was started. It was designed to have seven terminals. It was renamed the John F. Kennedy International Airport in 1963 a month after the former President's assassination.

Later, another redevelopment was started. This one cost over $10 billion. It started in 1998 and was completed in 2003. More terminals were created, and a lot was added to the airport. The airport was also the first United States airport to receive the Airbus A380 in 2007.


* Shopping mall - boutiques, gift shops, convenience stores
* Arcade
* Full-service spa
* Dining - food court, restaurants, snack bars
* Lounges
* Lost and found


The parking at JFK is safe and secure. The rates are very good as well. Parking can all be paid for by cash or credit. There are also express options to make payment easier and faster for passengers. There is a program that allows you to earn frequent flyer miles as well.

There are both short and long term parking lots available. You can reserve your parking ahead of time and have it paid for already. If you have limited mobility, there are many special parking places close to you with easy access to go where you need to.

Surrounding Area

Leaving the John F. Kennedy International Airport is easy as well. You can travel by rail if you like right from the airport to various locations in New York. There are many bus lines as well that can take you where you want to go in New York. You can call for a taxi or rent a car as well if you want and drive yourself to the rest of New York.

Once you leave, there are many things to do in whatever area of New York you want to visit. You can stay in Manhattan or travel elsewhere, even to Long Island if you like. There are many places to stay and many to eat wherever you go. There is also much to do.

John F Kennedy International Airport,
Building 14,
New York 11430,
Number of Terminals: 9 (Terminal 5 is temporarily closed)
Telephone: 718 244 4444
Time Zone: GMT - 5 (GMT - 4 from the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October)

Location: The airport is located 24km (15 miles) southeast of Manhattan
IATA airport code: JFK