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The Best European Summer Destinations

The Best European Summer Destinations

Summer is perhaps the most celebrated of all seasons, especially in Europe - the days are longer, people are more laid-back, and the humidity beckons everyone to spend more time outdoors. Summer is also synonymous to beach season. This time of year, almost everyone is raring to lounge in the best seaside resorts or explore coastal towns. And with the breathtaking landscape that many European cities and towns are known for, planning a trip during the summer will afford you more than the average dose of beach-lounging and martini-sipping. You get to soak in the culture and that distinctively luxurious European vibe, too.

Here are some of the best places to explore in Europe during the summer, and why. This list could be longer or shorter, depending on your personal preferences. Europe is a huge continent and any traveller may choose a destination off the beaten track and still get so much from the experience. These few suggestions, however, just may inspire you to finally start packing and look forward to exploring Europe while working on that tan!


  1. Italy

Italian summer can be forgiving, with temperatures that rise to well above 100 degrees in some areas in the south, but who can resist a dose of Italian sunshine while you’re reading your favorite novel in the piazza or sipping your espresso in one of its quaint outdoor cafes? And there are many reasons to visit Italy in the summer too. From its gorgeous beaches and outdoor concerts to exciting summer festivals and art fairs, Italy is one of the finest European summer spots. In fact, to celebrate the start of summer, the Italians hold the Festival of the Republic yearly, on the second day of June. With the availability of Italian vacation packages, especially from Fly For Less, planning your Italian summer holiday is easy.



  1. Spain

There is plenty to do and discover in Spain in the summer. While sun-worshippers are drawn to its many beaches during the hot season, there is more to Spain than Majorca or Costa del Sol or Costa Brava. Madrid continues to beckon the laidback tourist and the serious traveller, with its abundance of art museums, stunning gardens and royal palaces. There is also the Teatro Real Opera House where you can catch the best travelling ballet troupes in performance here. If you are in the mood for some outdoor adventure – beyond the lure of sandy beaches and 5-star resorts – you can book a trip to Canary Islands where hiking, off-road driving, scuba diving and local cuisine dining are sure to make your Spanish summer holiday more unforgettable.



  1. Greece

Known for its charming islands, fiery sunsets and importance in classical literature, Greece is something out of a dream. There are many reasons to love Greece, but one of these is its warm weather, making the country and many of its jewel-tone islands the ideal destination for a European summer vacation. The country is known for its gorgeous assortment of beaches, some with clean, sandy shores and others strewn with pebbles and punctuated with rocky formations. And if you are looking for some serious island-hopping adventure, Greece is not bound to disappoint. All the islands are resplendent in their own way, from the romantic setting of Santorini to the party island of Mykonos. For the more adventurous souls, there is Crete, with its quaint villages and exciting landscape. For those travelling with family, a good choice would be Kefalonia, the Island of the Ionian Sea, where beautiful sights and clean beaches abound.



  1. France

Whether you’re looking forward to visiting one of the medieval French towns or planning to hit the beaches of the beautiful French Riviera, there is no better time to explore France than during the summer. You can go canoeing through the Dordogne River or visit any of its medieval stone houses or head to La Paloma beach for some French seaside luxury. For musical festivals and plenty of fireworks, there is the walled city of Carcassonne, which draws in as many as 3 million tourists annually. And, of course, there is always the most romantic city in the world –Paris – known for its walking tours, street festivals, open-air theaters and breathtaking night lights.


The best European destinations can easily get overcrowded during the summer but there is nothing like a French vacation or an Italian retreat, when you can spend more time outdoors and the days are invariably longer. With cheap flights, package holidays and vacation cruises available from Fly For Less you can get the most out of your summer holidays in Europe, at the best deals possible!