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Cheap Flights to Montreal, Quebec

Cheap Flights to Montreal - Bargain Airfares

Visitors to the city of Monteal are often heard praising its old-world charm while simultaneously celebrating its cosmopolitan vibe. Indeed, there's something for everyone and every budget in Montreal, thanks to the abundance of free cultural events, guided tours, and beautiful outdoor spots.

For two weeks each July, many of the world's funniest people assemble for Montreal's "Just for Laughs" Festival and treat jubilant audiences to uproarious stand-up comedy. Each with their own special brand of wit and humour, their monologues, one-liners and tales of life as they see it are just some of the fun that can be expected at any "Just for Laughs" venue around the city.

Many airlines offer cheap flights to Montreal. You can take advantage of 7 daily non-stop flights to Montreal from Calgary. The cheapest flights are usually offered on the overnight "red-eye" flights that are available with both Air Canada and WestJet, departing Calgary at 1:00am, and arriving in Montreal at 7:00am.  Not a night owl?  Don't worry, there are many daytime flights to choose from as well!

If you're looking for cheap flights from Charlottetown to Montreal, you'll probably by travelling with Air Canada, who offer 3 daily non-stop flights.  If you prefer flying with WestJet, they will get you to Montreal with flights via Toronto, with morning and evening departures.

Non-stop flights from Edmonton are the fastest and most convenient way to fly to Montreal. It takes just under 4 hours before you'll arrive. Air Canada has an overnight flight, and both WestJet and Air Canada offer cheap flights to Montreal from Edmonton with a direct flight departing at 11:30am.

Both Porter Airlines and Air Canada offer convenient non-stop flights from Halifax to Montreal. Air Canada has 6 flights each business day, and Porter Airlines has cheap flights to Montreal from Halifax 4 times every day.  All Porter flights offer a first-class experience in economy class; with 2x2 seating for all passengers; complimentary snacks and beverages, including soft drinks, wine, and beer; and leather seats with a generous 34" seat pitch.

You won't find any direct flights to Montreal from Regina, but there are several flight connections via Winnipeg or Toronto that take only 4 - 5 hours from your departure to arrival, including connecting time. Both Air Canada and WestJet offer flights on either route.

Air Canada is the only airline providing flights between Saint John, NB and Montreal.  With an early morning, mid-day, and evening departure of non-stop flights, and other travel options via Halifax, Air Canada can provide you with cheap flights to Montreal from Saint John at a time that suits your schedule.

Again, Air Canada is the Atlantic Canada carrier of choice when flying from St. John's to Montreal, with 3 non-stop flights every business day.  Or, Porter Airlines will transport you 3 times a day to Montreal from St. John's, NL with a quick change of planes in Halifax.

You'll have lots of choice of cheap flights to Montreal from Thunder Bay.  Air Canada and WestJet offer several flights every day with connections at Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ), while Porter Airlines has frequent service with connections at the Toronto Island Airport (YTZ).

As part of the Toronto-Montreal-Ottawa "business triangle", you will find frequent flights every hour, all day long, from Toronto to Montreal.  Air Canada and WestJet both offer departures from Toronto Pearson, and Porter Airlines and Air Canada both have departures from Toronto Island Airport. With so many choices, you'll be sure to find cheap flights as low as $123 one-way, including taxes.

You'll find 6 flights a day that operate non-stop from Vancouver to Montreal.  WestJet has one flight departing in the morning, arriving late afternoon, with a flying time of under 5 hours.  Air Canada has 5 departures throughout the day, including an overnight "red-eye" flight.  And, if that's not enough choice, you can also find cheap flights to Montreal with many connection flight options via Toronto.

Flying to Montreal from Victoria will require a connection along the way. Both WestJet and Air Canada offer multiple flight choices with a single change of planes in Vancouver, Calgary, or Toronto, with departure times ranging from early morning to a late night overnight "red-eye" flight.

Cheap flights to Montreal from Winnipeg are offered by Air Canada and WestJet Airlines. WestJet offers a 10:00am nonstop departure, while Air Canada has a morning, noon, and evening flight. Or, take advantage of connection flight options in Toronto or Ottawa.

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