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Items under $20 to Make Packing More Efficient

Travelling requires effective and efficient packing of your belongings. If you need to bring many things with you when you travel, it is best to pack these items effectively. Space should be maximized so you will not have to take additional luggage or boxes that may become expensive due to extra/excess baggage fees charged by many airlines.

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It's not surprising to hear that some people spend a lot of money to purchase specialized packing materials. You do not need to use expensive items for packing. offers the following ideas to find, buy, and use efficient packing materials:

  • If you'll need packing boxes, don't buy those packing boxes sold at retailers, as these may be quite expensive. If you need a box for packing, check with your local grocery stores. They receive many large sturdy shipping boxes every day that are usually torn apart and recycled.  Not all stores may give away boxes for free but you can always ask. Some will sell the boxes to you, but still at very cheap prices.

    Grocery stores often have free boxes available
  • If you need fillers, don’t purchase packing peanuts or bubble wraps, even if you are packing highly delicate or fragile items. Those usual fillers can be quite costly. Look around for other materials you may have available that could replace commercially available fillers. Old newspapers, sweatshirts or t-shirts, washcloths or towels, or other items that you are already packing can be best used for filling in crevices or cushion delicate items when packing. Just choose the materials based on weight because you may be charged more by the airline if your box gets too heavy.

    Packing peanuts can be quite costly
  • Choose reliable packing tape to seal your boxes, but it doesn't need to be expensive. You can often buy several rolls of packing tape from a local dollar store for just $2 per piece. Cheap packing tapes can be as effective and reliable while being very efficient at the same time. Tapes sold at office supply stores are usually costly so avoid purchasing packing supplies at those stores.

    Inexpensive packing tape is available at your local dollar store
  • You may not have to buy other possible needed materials for packing like cutters and scissors, as you may already have many of these items in your own home. You won't need special items for packing although you can find many things sold by retailers.

    You may already have scissors and cutters at home
  • Take advantage of every bit of space. If an item is open or hollow, pack smaller items inside. For example, several pairs of socks can be placed inside a shoe, taking no more additional space than the shoe itself.

    Pack items inside your shoes to save space

After buying the items you may need for efficient packing, be sure to prepare all the things you will pack. It helps to make a simple but comprehensive checklist. This is to make sure you are not forgetting anything. It will be costly and tedious to open a package again just because you forgot to put in an item or two. You may end up ruining the tape and the box so you will have to start over again.

Be efficient and effective at the same time. Again, you don't need to spend a lot for packing, and carefully plan your packing activity to maximize what you carry with you, and minimize what you spend on packing materials.