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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flight Tickets and Travel Deals

How To Get Cheap Flights With KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Would you like to travel in a carrier that was awarded the royal status by Queen Wilhelmina even before it was founded? What about getting to travel at cheap rates yet on a royal carrier? Well you can get all these and much more if you choose to travel on cheap flights with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

This wonderful air carrier first set up their offices in The Hague in the year 1920, about a year after they go their royal status. It was basically a company for the Netherlands and its colonies, and was meant to facilitate the communication and transport between the overseas provinces.

The first flights

The first flights of this company were between The Hague and London (LON). However, as time went by, they also launched different other routes from Amsterdam (AMS) that saw them fly to intercontinental destinations like Jakarta (JKT) which was a colony of the Netherlands. Since then, their rates have been so favourable that many people always want to travel with them.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has been increasing its popularity and destinations offered mainly by partnering to other organizations of the same interests and not particularly in the same business. For instance, they are partnering with a worldwide nature fund which ensures that KLM takes commitments to taking better care of the environment.

This means that when you travel with KLM, you are actually in the hands of people who care and the money that you pay in fares is used partly to conserve the environment. Under this arrangement, the airline has taken a commitment to reduce the amount of harmful gases that are emitted into the air as they go about that daily business.

Corporate responsibility

The determination of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to be actively involved in undertaking corporate responsibility has earned them a distinctive place in the industry. They are often referred to as best in class because of the way they have managed to remain efficient with their energy. None among the major airlines that operate the world markets have been able to match this.

Being one of major players in the markets, this company has specialized in offering services at very low costs. There is reliability that you stand to depend on if you use these services. There over 30,000 employees who have been trained to provide customer services that are both safe and efficient.

Economic and social development is part of KLM's strategy and is the driving force in the realization of its major goals among them, providing the travellers who opt to fly with this wonderful airline cost effective services. These people often work day and night to see to it that there is growth that is sustainable.

They also work tirelessly to achieve one of their main objectives which is to have the opportunity of accessing all markets that have the potential of bringing an increment in the quality services that they offer and to increase the reach of its network.

In an effort to maintain balance in its services, the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines works closely with all the stakeholders involved to see to it that the interests of the company as it strives to make profits do not infringe on the interest of the passengers, the workers and even those living around the airports.

The other thing that enables this company to offer lower costs of services to its travellers is their committment to be a leading company that is desired by all. This they can only do through exceptional customer service.

This could be the reason behind the recent merger with another of the world's most renowned air carriers, Air France. It is all in the search of being the first choice for its customers, the perfect employer for the workers employed under it and the perfect business partner for its associates. And this, they are managing to achieve through their wonderful services and relations that include offering cheap flights to the travellers.

The Dutch Feel

There is an almost automatic feel of Dutch every time you travel on this airline. This is because they have dedicated their hearts to offering services that relate to the classical dutch way of life and practices. Because they understand the individual needs of every customer and know just too well that it may never be possible for one customer to be like that other, they have developed their customer relations to focus on each individual.

When it comes to comfort, you are likely to enjoy the best seats that you can ever find in this industry. The seats are designed to provide the best feel of comfort especially when it comes to those people who are travelling to further destinations.

One aspect of the seating arrangement that strikes you when you enter into any of the planes is the spacing. This is not one of those carriers that have their seats packed closely together. Here you get to enjoy reasonable spacing that leaves you with enough leg room to feel relaxed.

And it is not just that. There is entertainment too. In fact, it is not just entertainment. It is state of the art. From music, movies and TV channels that are world class to having your own headphones so that you can enjoy your music just the way that you want it. There is unlikely to be found one that rivals this. There are also other many services that you get to enjoy with your cheap flights from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.