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You've come to the right place for cheap tickets and great airfare deals on last minute flights. Our low-cost airfare finder searches multiple sources to find the best airfare deals for you, whether you are booking well in advance, or looking for last minute flights. We'll check airline web fares, special discount wholesale tickets, charter flights, and seat sales fares on all major airlines, and compare them on one screen.

There are three types of airfares available for purchase, including the airline's published fares, charter fares, and wholesale/consolidator airfares. When you are searching for last minute flights, the published fares will usually increase when you have to book a flight on short notice. But, at we also have access to charter fares that usually get cheaper and less expensive as the departure date approaches. As well, we have over 2 million special negotiated consolidator airfares with no advance purchase requirements, and can sell last minute flights at bargain prices! is a leader when it comes to discount airline tickets and cheap flights. Book your cheap airline tickets with Pre-Paid Calling Cards