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Tips for finding the lowest airfare

Tips for Finding the Lowest Airfare and Cheap Flights

Here are a few tips for finding the lowest airfares and cheap flights for your next trip!

Using One Way Flights - Many airlines now offer separate fares for each flight. If you find that one airline has the low cost flights in one direction, and another airline has the lowest price in the reverse direction, then you can book two separate flights and get the best deal on each one way flight.

Multiple Cities - If you need to book a flight to multiple cities, there are several strategies you can take. Our booking engine allows you to search for multi-destination flights using the “Multi-City” option. You should try this first to get a baseline of prices. It’s also a good idea to break up the flight and run searches for one-way flights for each leg as described above.

Travel Tips - If you book a round trip ticket with an airline and do not make your first flight, you need to notify them if you intend to use the second half of the flight. Otherwise, they will cancel your entire ticket.

Keep in mind airport parking fees and tolls, which can really add up over a number of days. Use off-airport parking when available - it tends to be cheaper. When deciding between airports, keep in mind the cost of gas - and or public transportation / taxi fares.

If you fly often, sign up for frequent flyer miles with each airline. You might also want to look into getting a credit card that earn airline points when you shop - many have double points for things you buy everyday. Those points tend to add up after a while and can be used to get free flights.