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5 Tips To Beat Jet Lag

5 Tips to Beat Jet Lag

The human body works through a normal, regular body clock, but travelling can wreak havoc on this steady rhythm. This may cause general feelings of exhaustion, disorientation and irregular sleeping patterns, better known as jet lag. When your internal clock is unable to keep up with the changes of your external environment as you travel, your body will produce warning signs of a jet lag. Although the symptoms of a jet lag will clear up after a few days – and also as your body begins to adapt to your new surroundings – there are many effective ways for you to deal with an existing jet lag or lighten the occurrence of one before you take flight. Medications and therapy can help, but there are a few natural and proven-effective remedies that will get your internal bearings back in no time at all.

The Symptoms of Jet Lag

Since jet lag is a physical condition, its telltale signs are mostly physical-related. The most common symptoms are fatigue and weakness. Insomnia is also another clear sign of a full-blown jet lag. This is mainly due to your body’s inability to adjust to time zone changes, as you travel from one geographical location to another. Other symptoms of a jet lag include disrupted concentration, stomach complaints and urination and bowel movement problems. People with generally poor health may become more susceptible to illness during a jet lag.

How to Cope with Jet Lag – 5 Helpful Tips

These helpful tips can help you deal with an impending or existing jet lag better. Ample preparation also helps to mitigate the physical and emotional effects of jet lag. This will help you get the most out of your trip, whether you’re flying to Paris for the first time or have booked a cheap ticket from Fly for Less to Mexico.

Tip # 1

Make some changes in your sleeping pattern.

This will help you become accustomed to the time zone of your travel destination faster, so you don’t have to suffer from disrupted sleep once you’re there. You can change your bedtime hour by sleeping an hour or two earlier or later, depending on where you are headed to. Also, adopt the new time zone hour in your watch the minute you step on the plane. Once you arrive at your destination, expose yourself to external environmental factors as soon as possible. The urge to while away in bed the entire day may overwhelm you, but the sooner you acclimatize yourself to the new time zone, the better it will be for your internal clock.

Tip # 2

Load up on water.

Hydration can help speed up your body’s coping mechanism for jet lag. Drinking water is not only recommended before your flight; it is also best to keep yourself hydrated during the flight and right after you get off the plane. Also, don’t consume beverages that slow down hydration, like coffee, alcohol or tea. These caffeinated drinks also alter sleeping patterns, so load up only on water while travelling.

Tip # 3

Go easy on sleeping meds.

Sleeping medications can help, but this synthetic way of forcing your body to rest cannot be helpful for the long-term. If you must take a sedative, make sure that you are capable of getting yourself off it before it becomes a habit.

Tip # 4

Consider a stopover.

Long flights tend to produce the worst jet lag symptoms. A long flight without a stopover makes it almost impossible to adjust to a new time zone easily. You will also tend to feel more tired afterwards. Plan a stopover on flights that cover various time zones so you don’t feel as frazzled, even before you get to the travelling part of your trip.

Tip # 5

Travel in comfortable wear.

Comfortable clothing help you rest better. Invest in the right clothes for your trip and make sure you dress according to the climate of your destination. Since it’s best to expose yourself to your new environment after arriving, make sure you have gotten enough rest during your flight – and you can’t possibly do this while wearing ill-fitting, uncomfortable clothes.

Dealing with the effects of a prolonged jet lag just when you’ve just arrived at your destination is definitely not fun. Get the best flight deals from Fly For Less and enjoy the rest of your trip by fighting off jet lag. With a few changes and lots of water, you don’t even have to rely on medications to cope effectively from jet lag!