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International Flights

International Flights

Cheap International Flights

Find cheap flights and low-cost airfare on international flights. You'll find great deals with Air Canada, KLM, Air France, Delta Airlines, Air Transat, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, and many other international flights.

International flights include air travel between two different countries, although from Canada, flights to the United States are usually called transborder flights rather than international flights.  If you are travelling to a different country on vacation, with a little advance planning, you can experience a new culture while still saving money on cheap flights.

It's easy to get a great deal on international flights if you know what to search for:

First, do some research on your destination before booking your cheap international flights.  Every destination has peak and off seasons, with a shoulder season between the high and low seasons. The shoulder season is a great opportunity to save money on international flights, enjoy a more relaxed vacation with less crowds, and still enjoy reasonable good weather.  For even great savings, regardless of the season of travel, try booking your international flights on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday in both directions.  Weekend travel will often have a surcharge on international flights.

Second, if you are on a budget, but flexible on your choice of destination, do some research before buying your international flights to find a country that has safe and reasonably priced accomodation, convenient and low-cost public transportation, and good value for food and souvenir purchases.

And finally, after booking your cheap international flights, be sure that you have all of the required travel documents.  Some countries require your passport to be valid for at least 3 months afer your arrival date, while other countries may need it to be valid for a period of time even after your departure. And, don't forget that some areas of the world may require vaccinations that can take several weeks to take effect.

As soon as your international flight arrives at your destination, you will be immersed in a new culture. For the best experience, check out travel guidebooks in advance, to get tips and ideas on what to visit while you are there.  Learn a few words in the native language, such as 'please' and 'thank-you'. It will be appreciated by the locals

With cheap international flights, the entire world is available for you to explore, without breaking your budget.

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