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Air Transat

Cheap Flights With Air Transat

Air Transat is a leader when it comes to discounted and cheap airline tickets. Known for their low prices and discount airfares, you can book your cheap flights on Air Transat with Air Transat offers charter flights to many destinations in Europe, including Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, and more. Flights to Florida and the Caribbean are available with Air Transat. SkyTrax has named Air Transat the "World's Best Leisure Airline" for the last 3 consecutive years.

It is not difficult to book cheap flights with Air Transat, as they are a part of one of the largest tour operations in the world. You can take your pick from over 60 different destination countries when you travel. It is the largest holiday travel industry in Canada, today, with an enormous amount of services.

Air Transat provides air travel services for Transat A. T., which also provides destination services within a wide network of distribution. If you are traveling from Canada, these services can provide a great deal of your travel needs.

Air Transat has its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. It operates in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Mexico, France, and Greece. It provides jobs for around 6,500 people. Its tourism distribution network includes thousands of different suppliers, as well as many third party services. They also have many businesses located in the travel industry.

The company is a public business which is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Stock owners are from many areas, although the majority are from Canada. Their 2010 annual sales figure is 3.5 billion dollars. Here are some of the services that they offer.

Each year more than three million customers enjoy air travel with Air Transat. They fly to over 60 areas in 25 different countries. About 2000 of the total employees work for the air travel section. As the company provides a wide variety of services, it is in a position to better serve all of its customers and their needs.

This company continues to grow in the accommodations industry. They have a working relationship with thousands of hotels all over the world. In order to serve customer accommodations better, they have partnered with H10 Hotels from Spain. They have a 35 percent interest in five large hotels located within Mexico and Dominican Republic.

Through one of many different partners, you can have access to all kinds of different services, when travelling. Perhaps you need passenger transfers or wish to see specific sporting events. You also may need to book hotels, or transportation like car rentals or rail tickets. Of course, there are a larger number of guided tours that you can also take advantage of, when you travel. These services are available in most of the countries that the Air Transat flies to.

In the early 1980's, Trafic Voyages came into being. This company was a wholesaler that specializes in travel from Quebec to the country of France. In the late 1980s, the company was renamed to Transat, and in that year it was first traded on the stock exchange. The initial public offering is eight and one quarter million dollars.

At that time, the money from the stock is used to form an airline, that was named Air Transat. The company acquired several different business concerns and continued to grow. The first fiscal year saw net sales of 23 million dollars.

The company continued to expand and grow all across Canada, adding many businesses. Many routes to Europe were developed, and well as sun destinations. Before long the company became the leader in sun destinations and tourist travel from Europe to Canada. Also, many destinations from France were also added.

More services and businesses were added over the years, like retail distribution and ground handling services. Transat began many outgoing tour operation services in several countries. This increased the services for customers all over the world. When you book your flights with Air Transat, you will have a great deal of options to choose from. You also will fly with one of the safest and environmentally aware airlines in the world.

Transat is aware of the many environmental concerns. As a result, they have instituted an environmental policy for responsibility, to reduce the ecological footprint that they leave behind. Here are some of the main points of the policy.

1. They are supplying proper environmental training to employees. This program will concern protecting the environment, while sustaining tourism services. Each employee will be rated and evaluated on their individual performance, in adopting and creating an environmental management system.

2. The company is working on designing and implementing a system for managing the environment. This includes evaluating the impact that all company activities have on the environment, locally and worldwide. Any biological hazards will have immediate concern, and corrective actions will be used to address any problems. These actions will be monitored, supervised, and evaluated.

3. Environmental committees will be developed within different departments. These departments will have ongoing communication with other. This will help to increase communications between departments, for environmental concerns.

4. Working with government on local and national levels will also be encouraged. This includes policies and laws for a better and cleaner environment.

5. The company will do business with companies that are ecology minded. These businesses will be given preference over others.

It is not very difficult to book cheap flights with Air Transat. There are many reasons to choose them for your next trip. This company is the largest industry for holiday travel in the world. You can choose from sixty different destinations in twenty five countries. It is also easy to book your lodging and many other services through the company. Transat is one of the leading suppliers of travel related services in the world. They have been in business since the 1980s and continue to act responsibly, with a comprehensive environmental policy.