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Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD)

The largest airport in Hungary, the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is about 10 miles southeast of the center of Budapest. Named for Ferenc Liszt, the famous composer and pianist, it saw almost 9 million travellers in 2011. An international airport, as indicated by the name, it primarily serves Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East and it is equipped to handle aircraft as large as Boeing's 747.


Originally called the Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, a renaming took place in March 2011 in honor of the Hungarian composer and pianist to coincide with his 200th birthday. The decision was somewhat controversial as many Hungarians felt keeping the historic name was more appropriate. And, the airport continues to be known popularly as "Ferihegy" today.

Amenities and Services

Disappointingly, the airport does not offer any adjacent hotels. However, many nearby hotels offer free shuttle service to and from the airport as a courtesy to their guests. Services you will find at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport include:
* Wi-Fi access via Telenor
* 230V power outlets
* ATM and Currency Exchange
* Duty-free shopping
* Child care
* Post office
* Open-air Aircraft Museum
* Many coffee shops and restaurants
* SkyCourt Lounge
* GSM phone coverage

Parking and Transportation

There are over 2000 parking spaces at a variety of rates for both short and long-term parking. Rates vary so, for the most up-to-date information, call +36 (1) 296-5505.

Rarely do travellers have so many options for getting to the airport. The Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport offers its own airport shuttle which you can take for as little as 11 Euros, one way.

You can also drive, take a Zona Taxi, or use one of the three public transit options. If you choose to drive or take a taxi, take the High Speed Road from the city center. This is the quickest, most direct route to the airport's terminals or parking.

By rail, you'll find the M3 (blue) train leaving from Terminal 1 only. This will take you to the Nyugati (west) rail station near the city center. Likewise, you'd take that train to the Terminal.
You can also utilize the public bus system. Take the 200E airport bus in either direction.

Surrounding Area

While each quarter of Budapest has its own personality and history, the whole of this classic European capital city is both quaint and modern. A combination of old world hospitality and culture and new European style makes a visit to Budapest memorable and unlike any other travel experience.

You'll find this city on the banks of the Danube River. Taking a walk alongside the most famous waterway in Europe will give you a chance to reflect on what inspired centuries of artists and musicians. You'll also find it a chance to get a glimpse of the more industrial side of the city.
No visit to Budapest is complete without a visit to one of its many concert halls or symphonies. Make time to take in some of the music that helped make this city famous.


IATA Airport Code: BUD
Telephone: +36 (1) 296-7000
Location: 10 miles southeast of Budapest's city center.

Budapest Ferihegy Airport,
H 1675,
Budapest Pf 53,
Number of Terminals: 3
Telephone: (0)1 296 9696 or (0)1 296 7000
Fax: (0)1 296 6000
Time Zone: GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)