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Porto Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport

Porto Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport (OPO)

Near Porto, Portugal is a top airport in the country. The Porto Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport is run by the ANA and is a popularly used airport location in the country. The Porto, as it is often referred, has received recognition and awards throughout Europe for its tremendous service. The year 2010 saw a great landmark in the success of this venue. It was during this year that the airport processed its six millionth passenger that walked through its gates.

Airport History

The Porto Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport was constructed in the 1940's. The name, however, was not defined until the 1980's when Francisco de Sa Carneiro was deemed the namesake of this great European airport. The Portuguese Prime Minister was actually killed in an automobile accident on his way to boarding a plane.

Airport Services

The Porto Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport offers passengers many different amenities prior to and after flight. There are ATMs and other money machines located throughout the venue and restaurants available for diners at all hours. Restaurants have different schedules but offer guests a chance for a taste of different international cuisines and foods. Phones are also located throughout the airport, and there are also shopping spots as well. There is also included access to the internet and other communication networks for passengers.

Parking & Transportation

The Porto Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport has several different options available for travelers to get to the airport. Bus lines are available that take passengers to the airport as does the cities metro train system. Furthermore, individuals who are looking for more private transportation can find it in the use of the cities Taxi system or even the private cars that are hired to take individuals to and from the airport itself. Twenty four hour parking is available and this includes over two-thousand spots from which individuals can leave their cars during their flights.

Airport Security

The security process at the Porto Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport is considered top notch and yet streamlined. This is part of the reason that they do so well in the service department because of the nature of the security process itself. The process is overall a thorough but quick one.

Surrounding Places to Stay

The Pedras Rubras hotel is located less than ten minutes from the airport and is a popular staying spot for those looking to board or depart from the planes. The rooms at the Pedras Rubras are spacious and top of the line with amenities including direct transportation to the airport and internet capabilities as well. There are many different restaurants near the airport as well and other popular accommodations and treats for guests.

Travel Tips

Flights can be long and draining, there is no question. But instead of travelling to the airport right before your flight, consider going to the Porto Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport a bit earlier. The service is top of the line and this experience can leave you feeling refreshed and comforted before you board your flight.

Contact Information

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport Pedras Rubras,
4470 Maia - Portugal
Number of Terminals: 1
Phone: +351 229 432 400
Fax: 229 484 597
Time Zone: GMT (GMT + 1 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)

Location: The airport is located 11km from Oporto
IATA airport code: OPO