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Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport

Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO)

The Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport works as one of three of the different options in airports in the Moscow area. Because of its pension for handling large amounts of commercial international traffic, it is the second largest airport in Russia.

Airport History

The airport first opened its doors in 1959. There are actually two ports of use for the airport lanes that are on this spot. These two terminals are not physically connected nor, in many ways, business connected however they do share the same runway space. This has been the case for decades. Because of the recent increase in international travel, the Sheremetyevo is growing and undergoing renovations. These renovations are meant to improve the facilities and better accommodate different passengers' needs.

Airport Services

New terminals that have been constructed recently allow passengers to arrive and depart in style. These are more modern and include easily accessible service desks and new restaurant facilities. The airport has some banking options onsite and these are ever growing and changing amenities because of the continual renovation processes. There are shops onsite as well and bars and lounge areas for guest relaxation services and amenities.

Airport Security

The security at the Sheremetyevo International Airport is strict compared to some other locations. Documentation is needed to make sure that the flights are boarded safely and individuals should have any passport information held closely. Those coming from areas with communicable disease outbreaks may have delays due to health screenings and all guests must check-in and check-out at ports of entry and departure. This is to ensure the optimum in safety for all passengers.

Parking & Transportation

Transportation to and from the city of Moscow is possible via public transportation units. These are the most popular mode of transportation in the area. However, other options are available. Other options include private town cars and limousines as well as car service and rentals through the airport itself. Shuttles connect individuals to the airport and the parking lots that are available onsite.

Surrounding Places to Stay

Because of the growing international travel in the area, this Moscow airport has connections with hotels in the city. There are international chains and local options alike, even hostels as well. The budget range is tremendous and there is something available for everyone travelling. In the area, too, are restaurants and entertainment options as well.

Travel Tips

Travellers should be prepared to spend a little more than they had planned if going through this airport. There are great restaurants and great options in the amount of amenities processed and that are available to consumers and visitors. Save some time to explore the city and that means that your trip could be more than just a travel adventure but a mini vacation as well. Bring that extra cash so that you can really live it up or save some money by staying at one of the lower priced hotels onsite. Use public transport instead of the costly options and you will have more to allow for enjoyment of the city.

Contact Information

Phone: +7 495 578 65 65
Fax: (095) 737 5391
Address: Sheremetyevo International Airport, Khimki town, Moscow Region, Russia, Post code 141400

Number of Terminals: 2
Time Zone: GMT + 3 (GMT + 4 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)

Location: The airport is located 29km (18 miles) northwest of Moscow
IATA airport code: SVO