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St Petersburg Pulkovo Airport

St Petersburg Pulkovo Airport (LED)

The St Petersburg Pulkovo Airport is an airport that handles passenger and commercial jets near St. Petersburg, Russia. They offer great airport services and enjoy great amenities that make entertainment and relaxation between flights possible. The following explains more.

Airport History

Constructed and opened in 1931, the Pullkovo Airport was greatly impacted during the Second World War. For three years, between 1941 and 1944, individual flights were not sent in or sent out of this location. It was the site of Nazi sieges and for that reason ceased to function during this time. In 1948, after all damages were repaired, the Pulkovo Airport opened up for business again and continues to this day.

Airport Services

For business travellers, there are both VIP and concierge services. The airport has several different bars and lounges for guests to relax pre and post flight. Some bars, lounges, and restaurants are just for these different business VIP passengers. There are communication locations and Wi-Fi is available for individuals that are seeking to do business or entertain themselves while waiting for a flight to come or depart. Banks and ATMs can also be found on the premises as well.

Parking & Transportation

The St Petersburg Pulkovo airport has great travelling and parking accommodations. It is close to different public transportation and also has parking on the spot. This parking does come with a fee and reservations may be required, so be sure to check with the airport for availability prior to your departure. Also, car rental and different more private vehicle transportation is also available.

Airport Security

There are two different terminals through which a passenger will go through at the St. Petersburg Polkovo Airport. One is for those departing or entering a Russian flight. The other is for international passengers. At both, passengers will need to go through security procedures in order to be allowed to board or depart. There will be security points that including wand and metal detector passage as well as checking of all international documents. To prepare, be sure that you have all information and documentation you need within easy access.

Surrounding Places To Stay

Several great options in staying do exist in the surrounding areas. St Petersburg offers chain hotels and boutique hotels that range in accommodations and in their star ratings. From Marriott Hotel chain options to more specialized and localized; this community has great options for you in making sure that you get exactly what you want in your stay.

Travel Tips

To prepare you for this stay, understand that there are only two portals or desks through which guests can check in and out of. This important to note because that means that individuals will be funneled in the same way and this can get very congested over time and especially in busy times of the year. For that reason, one great tip is to prepare accordingly. Do have all of your paperwork together and make sure that you have this information easily accessible as aforementioned. Also, add extra time before your trip to make sure that you have the right amount of time before and after a flight in order to travel through the gate appropriately, efficiently, and quickly.

Contact Information

Pulkovo Airport,
18/4 Pilotov str.,
St Petersburg,
Russian Federation
Number of Terminals: 2
Phone: +7 812 704 3822
Fax: (0)812 104 3814
Time Zone: GMT + 3 (GMT + 4 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)

Location: The airport is located 17km (10 miles) south of St Petersburg
IATA airport code: LED