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Johannesburg International Airport

General Description of Johannesburg International Airport

Located next to the beautiful and bustling city of Johannesburg, the Oliver Tambo Airport, commonly known as the Johannesburg International Airport is an international airport that services over fifty different airlines. As a result, over eleven million passengers use this airline every single year. Flights into this airport include both domestic and international travelers as well as some cargo planes.

Airport History

The history of the Johannesburg International Airport is a storied one. Originally, the airport was named Rand Airport where the institution was first built to accommodate the growing need for air transportation in the 1920s. With the Second World War, the location was used as a wartime airport location for military transportation. At this time, and through the coming years as it transformed back into a traditional commercial airport, several name changes occurred. It was in 1996 that it became Johannesburg International Airport when the government initiated a policy of not naming after politicians. Today, however, the policy has been rescinded and now the airport is known as the Oliver Tambo Airport-still commonly referred to as the Johannesburg International Airport.

Airport Services

An airport helpdesk located at several points in the airport may be one of the first amenities that you see. This is a great resource for locating the facilities you want in the airport. There ATMs and banks on the premises to help accommodate travelers to Johannesburg International Airport and several duty-free shops on the premises. Restaurants can be found as well that offer dine-in and fast food options. Hotels are onsite as well.

Parking & Transportation

There are several long and term parking facilities on the premises of the Johannesburg International Airport. Included are both long-term and short-term parking facilities with shuttles available to individuals looking for transportation to and from these locations. Shuttles are handicap accessible for passengers with disabilities. There are also taxi, car rentals, and bus transportation from the local community to the airport location.

Airport Security

International and domestic travellers alike will need to check in at the appropriate security checkpoints in order to travel successfully through this airport. That includes bringing any passports and documentations that are necessary in order to prepare individuals for a successful trip to and from their destination and do so with ease.

Surrounding Places To Stay

The Johannesburg International Airport has several different amenities in the city of Johannesburg itself. This includes access to hotels, resorts, and smaller hotels in a wide range of budgets. There is a business district close by for those that are travelling for work purposes and entertainment options as well. Shuttles and transportation can be arranged to and from these areas as well.

Travel Tips

Be prepared that the Johannesburg International Airport can become very busy during different times of the year. This is because of its popularity and its location. For that reason, if you are going to be travelling at peak season, make arrangements early to ensure that you have all of the amenities that you want and get the accommodations that you desire.

Contact Information

Phone: +27 11 921 6262
Fax: (0)11 394 0806
Address: Airports Company South Africa, Private Bag X1, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 1627, South Africa, ZA

Number of Terminals: 6
Time Zone: GMT + 2

Location: The airport is located 22km (14 miles) east of Johannesburg
IATA airport code: JNB