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Busan Gimhae International Airport

General Description of Busan Gimhae International Airport

A relatively new airport, Busan Gimhae International Airport is located in South Korea. The majority of the usage of this airport comes from military traffic in the area that utilizes the facilities as a way to depart and land military passenger and military cargo planes. However, increasingly passenger planes are coming into this area as well.

Airport History

The airport at Gimhae has been undergoing renovations and been evolving. This is nothing new as the history of the location has continued to grow since the Korean War period. As the air transportation traffic changes, the airport has attempted to accommodate by continually undergoing modernization construction. This means that the history is marked by evolution more than stagnation.

Airport Facilities

The renovations at the Busan Gimhae International Airport change as much as the construction allows. Individual passengers can expect to find that they will have access to different restaurant options on site. Further, there are banking services and public communication locations as well. Individuals travelling here can also find that they enjoy different technical support locations and technologies that are available as well.

Airport Security

Security is high at the Busan Gimhae International Airport. Aside from the curfew, explained later, there are high security procedures as well. Individuals can expect to have to deal a great deal with the difficulties of entering into and leaving the airport and save time accordingly. All passengers will have to check-in and check-out with the proper documentation and identification is required. Be sure to have all of this information with you as you prepare for your airport departure or arrival in the area. Consider planning ahead to ensure that you are prepared and can move through this process more quickly.

Parking & Transportation

At the Busan Gimhae International Airport, there are great options for transportation. These transportation methods include buses, taxes, and metro system lines that lead directly to the airport itself. Airport limousine services and private car rentals are also available for those looking for a more private mode of transportation.

Surrounding Places to Stay

The onsite amenities may not be what you are seeking. Therefore, there are some options in the local area as well. Gimhae which is nearby has many locations for staying. Bookings can fill up quickly and prices can range, however, these locations are often lower in price than some other international terminals of transport and the communities around them. Plan ahead and make sure that you have reserved your spot in order that you can be sure to get a spot for yourself where you want to stay and when.

Travel Tips

There is a curfew at this location that prevents landing and departure from 11pm until 6am. This is important to note because those heading to the airport may wish to find other accommodations if they are attempting to travel during these hours. This is non-negotiable and that means that this standard continues to the present. Plan accordingly.

Contact Information

Phone: +82 519 702 313
Address: 2350, Daejo 2-Dong, Gangseo-Gu, Busan 618-142, Republic of Korea

Number of Terminals: 2
Telephone: (0)51 970 2313 or 972 3010
Fax: (0)51 970 2380
Time Zone: GMT + 9
Location: The airport is located 22km (13 miles) west of Busan
Airport code: PUS