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Seoul Incheon International Airport

Seoul Incheon International Airport (SEL)

Located near the Korean capital of Seoul, the Seoul Incheon International Airport is ranked eighth in business in Asia. It is both a passenger plane travel location and a cargo plane as well. The location is close enough to the major city that there is ease of transportation to and from and the recent completion of the project, in 2001, has afforded it many important amenities and a sense of modernity at the same time.

Airport History

Up until the 1988 Olympics, the Gimpo International Airport had offered enough amenities and services to provide for the passengers coming in and going out of the country. After tourism and traffic increased following the games, the need for another airport was highlighted and the Seoul Incheon International Airport was born. The project took eight years to construct and finished and the final touches were completed officially in 2001, though planes did use the facilities prior to this time.

Airport Services

The Seoul Incheon International Airport offers several different amenities to passengers while they wait to board and deplane their airplanes and jets. There is a gift shop filled with souvenirs and small amenities as well as cosmetics and perfumes. These shops are duty-free locations of commerce. These west wing and center court shops also offer tobacco products, liquor, and fashion accessories as well. Several other eateries, convenience shops, and department stores are also located in the airport.

Parking & Transportation

Limousines and bus services are oft utilized at the location. Consistently, these lines are running to bring individuals to and from the Seoul Incheon International Airport to board and deplane. Ticket booths for the public transportation units are located at several different exits on the facilities. Further, there are both long-term parking options and more short-term parking lots as well, to allow for passengers cars to be kept safe and secure while passengers fly.

Airport Security

For security purposes, individuals travelling into and from the Seoul Incheon International Airport are required to have the proper documentations to travel. The airport has several checkpoints that allow for individuals to get in and out safely and for the safety of other passengers as well. This can take time and passengers must be patient to get through the safety procedures.

Surrounding Places to Stay

There are several hotels near the Seoul Incheon International Airport for guests to stay in during their travels. They offer a range of budgetary options and amenities depending on the type and venue that the individual is staying within, but it gives passengers options in the local community to stay at before and after a trip.

Travel Tips

One tip before entering the Seoul Incheon International Airport that passengers find useful is to bring some extra monies with them. There are several great spots to peruse while waiting for the planes to come in and go out and those looking to peruse may want to pick up a few extra items. For that reason, be sure to bring that extra cash so you can buy the treasures to bring home with you.

Contact Information

Address: 272, Gonghangno, Jung-gu, Incheon
Phone: +82 1577 2600
Fax: (0)32 741 2400
Time Zone: GMT + 9

Location: The airport is located 52km (32 miles) from Seoul
IATA airport code: ICN