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WestJet Fares

Low-Cost WestJet Fares

WestJet is a leader when it comes to discounted and cheap airline tickets. Known for their low prices and discount airfares, you can book your cheap WestJet fares with We'll also compare WestJet flight prices with other airlines at the same time, so you'll know you are getting a great flight deal with WestJet.
Westjet was named Canada's number one discount airline. Known for its legendary customer service, Westjet offers flights to over 30 destinations in North America, including some of the cheapest airfares to destinations such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax and more.

Their comfortable and roomy Boeing 737 aircrafts are the pride of this airline. This aircraft is amongst the industry's quietest and most fuel-efficient airplanes. Their new Boeing Next-Generation 737-700 aircraft is equipped with Bell ExpressVu Satellite TV in the back seat, more legroom and leather seats for its guests.

The staff at Westjet are known to be very friendly, helpful employees, with a positive attitude that will make your flight the best it can be. Pre-Paid Calling Cards