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WestJet Flights to San Francisco

Cheap WestJet Flights to San Francisco, CA (SFO)

WestJet Airlines is a leader when it comes to discount flight tickets and bargain airline tickets. Known for their low cost flights and cheap airfares, you can book your WestJet flights to San Francisco with

WestJet offers flights to over 30 destinations in North America, including some of the lowest airfares to destinations such as San Francisco, Hamilton, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax and more. And, beginning June 2, 2009, WestJet offers nonstop flights between Calgary and San Francisco, with convenient connections to the rest of the WestJet network. WestJet's expanded service into the USA now includes cheap airline tickets to California, Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas, Florida, Phoenix, and more! WestJet Airlines also offers cheap flights flights to the Caribbean, including Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Nassau, Puerto Vallarta, and St. Lucia.

WestJet’s growing network now reaches San Francisco. San Francisco is a rebel. A wild child that can’t be reined in. Trying to keep up with it will disorient you at first. It will wear your legs down and overload your senses. But once you’ve earned its trust, it will open up an unforgettable cultural experience most travelers dream of. It just wants you to work for it first. While most cities invite you to take a walking tour, San Francisco challenges you. It promises eclectic cuisine, mouth-watering chocolate, bustling shops, lively nightlife and a visually stunning blend of modern and Victorian architecture. But it teases you by making you trek hill after hill after hill. Romantic when it wants to be, San Francisco will paint beautiful sunsets against the backdrops of the Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate Bridge. But by morning, as if to keep you on your feet, it blurs out the canvas with one of its infamous fog blankets. San Franciscans don’t apologize for marching to their own tune either, they celebrate it. Proud residents of the thriving GLBT community liven up the streets of The Castro. Chinatown welcomes more visitors than any other landmark in the city. And hippies young and old live the bohemian lifestyle of the free-wheeling 60’s.

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