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City on a Budget - Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is not just a fantasy but also a physical city. It is considered as a Mecca for film noir, beach bodies, face lifts, mind-numbing traffic, and shopping. It is attracting thousands of local and international tourists each year. Are you planning to visit the city soon? You need not allocate a huge budget to do so.

You can still possibly go to and enjoy Los Angeles even on a tight budget. For a start, you may book for a cheap air ticket. Ask travel agencies like for any flight and even accommodation that will not directly hurt your pocket. Once you get to the city, you can observe the following tips.

  • Try to obtain a hotel deal if you have not booked yet before flying to the city. You can find ideal weekend rates particularly from hotels located south of the city, which cater more to weekday business travelers.

  • Know the city’s geography. The metropolitan area is a really huge place. It encompasses five counties. It may take you an entire day just to drive across the area from its north to its south. Thus, to save on time, effort, and money, it is advisable to carefully plan the trip to the city. Have a timetable and set dates and times before visiting any landmark or area.

    map of Los Angeles

  • There are many other alternative airports in the city. LAX - Los Angeles International Airport is the most popular and busiest. But it is also prone to more possible delays. Flights to the airport can be costly. Try booking flights going to other airports like John Wayne Airport in Orange County or local airports in Long Beach and Burbank.

    Los Angeles International Airport

  • Know what Beverly Hills and Hollywood offer. Skip buying movie stars’ homes tours, which are usually overpriced. Do not instantly buy maps that are sold along the roadside. Be reminded that most of the interesting and trivial information about those are fictional. If you intend to see some stars, you may instead buy tickets as a member of a studio audience.

    Hollywood stars

  • Enjoy the beach. There is no denying that beaches simply typify the city in the minds of most people. If you do not like to go skinny dipping, you may just watch beach volleyball games as you stroll down the beach sidewalks along Hermosa Beach, Rendondo Beach, and Manhattan Beach. You don't need not buy tickets just to go there.

    California beach

  • Save on admissions. Are you going to attractions with hefty admission fees? You may first check out businesses that offer multiple attraction discount packages. Check such offers online if you need to save not just money but also time and effort.

  • Lastly, know the weather. You have to be certain about what to expect before going out in the city. If it will rain, you might have to re-schedule an activity to check out other alternative options. This way, you can save time, effort, and of course money.

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